...The Savior
(Mission 18)

The Savior, otherwise known as Silver Gigas, is an enormous golem
thing animated by Sanctus and powered by the souls of Nero and
Kyrie. I guess his master plan amounts to this:

1.) Open Hellgates and invite demons to run amok in Fortuna.
2.) Create a Savior figure in Sparda's image to rescue the
people of Fortuna from your demonic invasion in
order to renew their faith.
3.) PROFIT!!

This fight is pure chaos and lasts the entirety
of mission 18. You basically have to hop from
platform to platform while shooting at Savior
and dodging his various attacks. Oh, and there's
also Angelos attacking you from time to time. You
can pretty much ignore them. Attacking stone does
no good, so the objective here is to destroy all nine
blue crystals on the giant's body.

Savior will try to punch the platform you're on, then swat you like
as fly. Dodge both attacks, and on the second, hop onto the back his
hand and run up his arm to destroy the crystals there. One is on his
wrist, the other closer to his shoulder. This is one of the few chances
you could attack the crystals directly, so slash away! He'll try to wipe you
off his arm, so jump over that too, and even when you've shattered these
two crystals, you have this opportunity to shoot at him from close range.

One of the platforms has a blue dial that you can slash to activate a cannon
that knocks out the Savior. Use it! When he collapses in the rubble, leap over
to him using jumping seals and slash at the exposed crystals. There's several
routes you could take to get to different parts of his body, so mix it up!

When you've destroyed enough of the crystals, a formal (and full =/) health bar will appear on the bottom of the screen and you'll be able to attack the Savior without pesky Angelos buzzing around. The strategy here is... still pretty much the same. Keep on jumping, keep on shooting, and attack directly every chance you get.

You won't have access to a handy cannon this time, so you'll have to pelt him with Ebony & Ivory for the range you need to hit Savior. This will take a while. You could also switch to Swordmaster style and hit him with Drive. It misses a lot more than it hits, but when it does hit, it does damage a lot faster than guns. Occasionally you'll get lucky and Savior will dip down and slowly rise right next to your platform. Devil Trigger and slash his crystal when it comes into view. When enough damage is dealt, he'll collapse again and you'll be dropped in front of a bounce seal. Use it! Get close to Savior and attack his exposed crystal (preferably in Devil Trigger).

Savior will wind up and punch his fist into your platform. Jump/roll away.
Slap: Savior will slap his hand into your platform. Dodge it, then quickly jump onto it and run up his hand for closer range.
Kick: Savior raises his lag high overhead and slams it into your platform. Jump/roll away.
Roundhouse Kick: After an elaborate wind up, Savior sweeps his leg across your platform. Jump/roll away.
Blue Blast: Savior sweeps his arm in front of him and materializes a line of electrified blue spheres and fly at Dante. Stand your ground and SHOOT THEM! Shooting them turns them into white orbs that replenish your Devil Trigger gauge!
Yellow Blast: Savior gathers his hands in front of him and starts to form yellow energy balls. These come in groups of four and are bad news, so jump/roll away from them.
Death Ray of Dooom: The sky turns dark and Savior curls up in preparation to unleash one of the deadliest, and most avoidable, attack in the game! He'll shoot a highly concentrated laser that will slowly traverse across the platforms. Don't get caught in it! It HURTS!! ...A LOT!!!

I know I say to jump or roll away from his attacks, but frankly, it's a lot easier, and a lot safer to run onto a nearby jumping seal and propel yourself to the next platform. This is especially useful in avoiding the Death Ray of Dooom: keep leaping as far away from it as you can and don't look back!! Just pay attention and don't miss out on the white orbs from the Blue Blast. Not only will Devil Trigger empower your gunfire, but it will also regenerate your hit points! Consider them the gift of green orbs. If you drag the fight out too long, the Savior's hits will start to break some of the jumping seals, and you'll develop a new respect for the mighty Death Ray of Dooom when you're stuck on a platform with nowhere to run.

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