The Medallion
Year: 2003
Length: 88 min.
Role: Henchman
The Medallion

Reuben plays the glorified part of "Henchman" here! Isn't that exciting?! I'm excited!! XD Honestly, I expected him to be on screen for a grand total of maybe 10 seconds, but he actually sticks around for the whole movie! He's involved in three fight scenes, in one of which he gets stabbed with a syringe. ^_^; He even gets a couple of nice close-ups, so I was very happy!

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Equally important as his "Henchman" role is the fact that he was the stunt double for the main bad guy in the movie. Eww, I know. Eye bleach please! Thankfully, you can totally tell it's Reuben in the stunt scenes.

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