Dokuga employs a variety of fighting techniques, but his signature style is one of knifeplay, speed, poison, agility, and mobility.
It is said that true CrossEyes are knife masters. Their Boss is a prime example, and Dokuga is no exception.

Dokuga carries at least three knives on him. Sometimes four.

He can throw them with impeccable aim. This is very useful for both standard deflection, and to cut off sorcerer smoke ducts in order to take away their advantage of magical smoke range.

But, once a fight starts, he uses them as one would expect: slicing through flesh and stabbing at vital points.
Since daggers have such short reach, Dokuga has to compensate with increased speed to get within cutting range. He normally accomplishes this through a headlong dash. Nothing fancy, but quick enough to catch the most seasoned of fighters off guard.
The reach of his legs is longer than that of his daggers, and he's not afraid to use them. Even with daggers in hand, he can dish out some impressive bipedal acrobatics. This combination of flexibility and momentum lets him to do quite a bit of damage.
He is likewise willing to use his poisonous saliva in fun and creative ways, especially if his opponents are relatively slow and inexperienced. Here he is blinding Risu from an overhead leap.
Mobility is very important to Dokuga, but he knows his limits. He had to change his tactics against someone as hardy as Shin.
Dokuga is built like a light fighter. All his punching and kicking standing up barely made Shin budge, and he had to throw his entire body mass against Shin to knock him over.

So, when up against an experienced opponent twice his size, Dokuga knows that his best chance to diffuse an advantage in height and weight is to take things to the ground.

He did gain the upper hand when he pinned Shin down, spit poison in his eyes, and pummeled his face in. But, unfortunately for him, Shin is a psychopath. Such things only make him angry and/or excited.

What's more, Shin was still able to send Dokuga flying across the room with a single punch. From the ground. With no leverage.

And this is one of the most adorable things ever to me. XD
Stabbing would've been easier, but Shin disintegrated the one dagger Dokuga had left after piercing Shin's right smoke ducts.
Without Daggers
And here is where the weaknesses in Dokuga's fighting style really become apparent.

Fighting bare-fisted toe-to-toe against a much larger opponent is far outside of Dokuga's comfort zone. To be sure, he excels at what he does. But, stripped of mobility, blades, and poison, he runs into trouble.

His insect strength doesn't appear to transfer into punching and kicking power. Judging by their effects (or lack thereof) on Shin, such moves only carried the leverage of Dokuga's body mass.

Conversely, the weight of Shin's punches are enough to knock the wind out of Dokuga and lift him off the floor.

Nevermind that Dokuga is severely wounded, and that Shin punched him close to that area. The effects would probably be about the same either way.

Just one solid hit managed to disorient Dokuga long enough for Shin to get two more punches in.
Dokuga recovered, and came back with a powerful jab of his own, but this was a harsh endurance game that he just couldn't win. Unlike berserker Shin, Dokuga actually gets weaker from injury and bloodloss. As Shin observed, he was getting slower.
Punching Shin
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This fight was really brutal on Dokuga, but that's one of the things that make him an interesting fighter and a well-rounded character.

He has strengths and weaknesses, and he's not guaranteed to win.
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