There's more to Dokuga than meets the eye. Or, conversely, you can tell there's more to him by looking at his eyes: the mesmerizing multifaceted eyes of a tussock moth (lymantriidae family). The name "Dokuga" itself means "Poisonous Moth."
Fittingly, his sorcerer mask is that of a moth face - huge eyes, antennae and all. He wears it attached as the hood of his shirt, and you can normally see the antennae trailing behind.

When he needs the extra boost of power that magic masks give, he raises it over his face. Or sometimes he dons it as a disguise to hide his CrossEyes tattoos.

One of his moth powers is flight. It appears to be a combination of hangglider-type wings and rocket propulsion, and he can even carry passengers.
Moth flight
Lifting Darth Kai
Lifting Ushishimada
Another manifestation of Dokuga's moth powers is his freakish bug strength despite his small frame.

Brawn is the forte of the stocky Ushishimada, who owes his strength to his association with the ox. But even he is impressed by Dokuga's ability.

There's Dokuga effortlessly lifting Ushishimada on the left, catching the huge landlady's fall on the right and, up above, even carrying "Darth Kai" with virtually no help.
Lifting the Landlady
Spiking the drinks
Everybody downstairs is dead!
Of course, Dokuga's most potent moth power, as per his namesake, is poison. It kills when ingested; blinds and irritates when applied topically.

It is certainly a useful power, yet doesn't rise to the level that his world would consider worthy or magical.

The poison is bound strictly to his saliva and he can't turn it on, off, or control it in any way. Poor thing even gets dehydrated if he uses it too much.

Most significantly, he cannot emit smoke, so the power is restricted to very close range unless he slathers it onto a projectile.
The need to get close to his opponents in order to fully utilize his abilities is probably part of the reason why he's also more bruised and scarred than any of the other CrossEyes Officers. As evident from the stab wounds on his back and the multitude of blocking cuts on his forearms, Dokuga's not someone who sits back and has others do the dangerous work for him.
This is more related to his general sensitivity than his moth powers, but Dokuga also has an uncanny intuition about some things.
He was able to recognize his long lost Boss. Twice. Even though none of the other Officers sensed anything. Even though the Boss had no crosses around his eyes. Even though the Boss had a lizard face. Even though Caiman himself had no idea he was the CrossEyes Boss.

Dokuga was able to repeatedly sense Fujita, who was in invisible stealth mode cast by an elite sorcerer.

In fact, the only flaw in Dokuga's intuition seems to be when it's overruled by his niceness. When he was approached by enemies disguised as harmless priests, he could sense danger, but he was touched by their feigned cowering and lowered his guard.
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