Fukki to Ou Eki

The First People:
After their own world was destroyed by the intensity of their powers, a group of five survivors ventured out into space to find a new home. They arrived on Earth, and found its environment suitable for their bodies.
But what would they do now? Jyoka, their most powerful member, proposed that they make this place just like their old world. With her power, they could destroy the natives, then repopulate with stuff from their homeland.

Nobody else liked this idea. Their old world self-destructed from too much evolution, and they didn't want to repeat the same mistakes. They would rather start fresh by merging with the life on this planet and co-existing in peace.

The Signpost of History:
But Jyoka would not tolerate living among inferior life forms and became enraged. Realizing she would not listen to reason, the other four used their combined powers to seal her inside a spatial dimension where she could sleep for all eternity.

Things didn't work out exactly as planned. Over time, Jyoka's prison weakened and her spirit was able to roam free for short bursts of time. She used her powers to guide the flow of history, from manipulating DNA to influencing individuals through dreams and visions. Slowly she shaped the world into an exact replica of her old home.

If things strayed from her plan, she would destroy it and start over. This happened several times, but it was not in vain. With every new incarnation Earth's life forms adapted and grew stronger. Jyoka's ultimate goal was to restore her homeworld up to the point when they made their fatal mistake, overcome it, and see how history would flow from then on - with her as ruler, of course... as the sun itself.

Meanwhile, the other First People fused with the land, plants, and animals, becoming the latent power inherent in all life on planet Earth. Those among humans who received a higher amount of their power came to be known as Sennin, or immortals. And those among plants and other animals that received a higher amount of their power came to be known as Youkai, or demons. Knowledge of technology such as the Paopei came from them, as well. And so all were now of one blood.

The last of the First People stayed behind in case Jyoka would return. His alien name was Fukki, and reborn as a human he was called Ou Eki. He had watched the world be destroyed and recreated, waiting patiently for Jyoka's power to weaken and Earthlings to become stronger.
The Houshin Project:
Now it was finally time, but his strength alone would not be enough. He shared with Taijou Rokun, Nentou Doujin, and Genshitenson his plan to defeat Jyoka and asked for their help. They would need to find the seven Super Paopei originally created by the First People, and gather together seven warriors capable of wielding them. As their ultimate weapon, they would need to seal strong souls away in the Houshindai to serve as an extra reserve of power. Only then did they stand a chance against Jyoka.

To oversee the plan, Ou Eki himself became a disciple under Genshitenson of Kongrong (Kunlun) Mountain, home of the human Sennin.

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