Ou Eki to Outenkun & Ryo Bou
The Soul-Splitter:
Ou Eki had the ability to split his soul and implant it into various bodies. This seems to be something he inherited from his alien ancestry as Fukki, because Jyoka could split her soul, too. When he found out about this, Genshitenson split Ou Eki's soul in two. One he returned to Ou Eki, and the other he stored away.
The Pact Between Kongrong and Kingou:
Kongron Mountain, home of the human Sennin, and Kingou Island, home of the Youkai Sennin, were never on friendly terms. Humans feared Youkai, and most Youkai weren't particularly nice. But in time they acquired a common enemy that threatened to overthrow them both: Dakki.
Tsuuten Kyoushu, headmaster of Kingou Island, proposed a peace treaty with Genshitenson by offering his own son, Youzen, to Kongrong. Genshitenson had to offer someone of equal power and importance as Youzen in exchange, and it was decided that Ou Eki (who suddenly developed a liking for hats) was the only one worthy. What Tsuuten Kyoushu didn't know, of course, was that he was only getting half of Ou Eki.
The Broken Child:
Soo... one problem: Kingou doesn't allow humans. Tsuuten Kyoushu was forced to lock Ou Eki in a dark, empty prison cell until he could fit in with the Youkai. He claimed this was for his own protection, but the truth was that Tsuuten Kyoushu didn't really care too much about Ou Eki. His main concern was to keep Youzen safe from Dakki, and he felt that by hiding him in Kongrong he had succeeded in this.

With Youzen missing, Ou Eki became the subject of Dakki's attention. She took him into her arms and gave him a shoulder to cry on. She loved him for the hateful little goblin he had become and promised she would help him get revenge. She told him she would take him out of this prison and reward his hatred with strength. She was the most nurturing mother figure in his life, and he opened up to her his heart and his soul.


Ou Eki grew up alone, the resident freak for Youkai to gawk at and dream of ripping to shreds one day. His grudge against Genshitenson, Tsuuten Kyoushu, and Youzen ran deep. He hated them and he hated life. His personality became twisted and his only desire was for everyone to die. Well, it just so happened there existed a genie capable of granting that wish...


Ryo Bou:
Meanwhile, Genshitenson was working to get his half of Ou Eki back. He placed the remaining soul split inside a child who had died in the human world's war, and his memory was wiped clean.
Ryo Bou grew up as the son of the ruler of the Kyou people, but he seldom acted like nobility. He liked to get away from his retainers and explore on his own. At the age of 12, he enjoyed working and herding sheep. It was a relatively carefree lifestyle until one day...
...His village was massacred and burned to the ground by soldiers of the Yin Dynasty under orders from Dakki. Men, women, children - no one was spared. His entire family was gone. This was Ryo Bou's first encounter with injustice in the world, and it made him very angry.

But what could one human boy do? This was how the world worked. The strong trample the weak.

Ryo Bou refused to believe that.

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