Fukki & Dakki
Fukki on Justice:
Well, what do you expect from someone who felt that the best way of getting people to help him was by putting their disembodied souls in storage? Having lived countless centuries, Fukki was a very transcendent being. Ideas of personal, individual justice meant little to him. He was more concerned with the bigger picture of stars, planets, eternity. He fought with Jyoka simply because she was his species, and it was therefore his responsibility to clean up her mess. He owed it to this planet. 
Fukki on the Sennin World:
Fukki had no love for the concept of immortals and their powers... not as Ou Eki, not as Taikoubou, and certainly not as Outenkun. His homeworld was destroyed by the inflation of such powers, and he had no desire to see history repeat itself on Earth. He also didn't like the idea of gods meddling in mortal affairs. Fukki was a big fan of free will, and his goal was to empower Earthlings to shape their own world. That said, he still did his best to shield Kongrong 2 from needless destruction.

Fukki on Friends:
Fukki described his friends less on a personal level, and more as beings he allied with because they were fighting for the same cause. But that's not entirely true. While it may have started out this way as Ou Eki, Taikoubou's experiences changed something in his heart. It made him feel good to have people who cared about, supported, and looked up to him. He didn't want to let them down. He was happy to see his fallen comrades return when the Houshindai opened. And despite their adversarial relationship, he also felt sympathy and nostalgia towards Jyoka.

Fukki on Death:
Still, Fukki had a very detached view of death. When Jyoka asked him to disappear with her, he was not particularly opposed to the idea. True, he didn't have much of a choice, but he was also at peace with death. Fukki was the last of his kind, and he stayed alive for only one thing: to defeat Jyoka. Now that his mission was completed, there was no reason for him to remain. Of course, his friends disagreed, but he couldn't really understand their concern. He served his purpose in bringing them together and emerged victorious, so they should be fine without him now. He had lived longer than anyone should, and knew when it was time to let go.
Fukki on Dakki:
But resigned as he was about his own death, he took others' deaths pretty hard. Especially Dakki's. The Outenkun part of Fukki had deep love for Dakki. He admired the genius of her methods and came to her for comfort. They were kindred spirits. Moreover, she appeared to sincerely love him back. She even helped Taikoubou at his request. Her true motive was not to resurrect Jyoka, but to take over her body and become a being of supreme power. It was heart-wrenching for Fukki to watch her disappear on him.
Dakki on Fukki:
While the First People melded into the elements, Dakki went one step further and fused her essence with the sun itself. She promised to never forget Fukki, and always watch over him as the Great Mother goddess. So when Fukki's body was crumbling to pieces, she came to his rescue.
Like a guardian angel she caught him in her hands and preserved him.
She knew that, underneath his abstract rhetoric, he still had a human heart, and he still cared. She kept him alive.
Even so, Fukki chose to withdraw from the world. Even his friends didn't know where he went. He spent his time alone, satisfied that free will was restored to this planet, and making sure things stayed that way.
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