Fukki Returns!

Behold... FUKKI!!


Err, I mean..... FUKKI!!!
...Oh gowd, he found himself an even more ridiculous hat. Won't somebody please stop him?! ~_~;

Thank you!!

In addition to his alien memories, Fukki was also a fusion of Taikoubou's and Outenkun's personalities.
To accent this, his left eye was Taikoubou's, and his right eye retained Outenkun's dark streak.

He could now split off Taikoubou or Outenkun and rejoin at will. It took some getting used to for his friends, particularly those most affected by Outenkun's sadistic games (*cough* Youzen *cough*). Fukki also kept all of his splits' accumulated powers, such as dimensional shifting, and unlocked upgrades to his Paopei more suitable to his power level. He was one of the First People now, a being from whom all the indwelling powers of the Earth flowed.
Fukki first tried to negotiate with Jyoka peacefully.
But that didn't really work.
So he was forced to use other methods...
This appears to be an upgrade to Outenkun's dimension forming Kousuijin Paopei, except cast in conjunction with the Taikyokuzu Super Paopei. The Taikyokuzu releases a pair of octagonal shapes to designate space, and the Chuusenjin weaves a grid to trap the target within it.

The big difference between the Chuusenjin and the Kousuijin is that the latter only works on physical bodies. The Chuusenjin rains snow, not acid blood, and this snow is capable of dissolving souls.

Unfortunately, Jyoka can split her soul, too.

Yet another attempt to contain Jyoka's soul, Fukki cast this when he saw that his allies' physical-based Paopei weren't doing any damage. Using the Super Peopei Taikyokuzu, Fukki flew around in a circle writing a stream of mystical symbols in the air. When the ends of the line joined, they triggered the release of a spherical field capable of trapping souls. Physical damage could harm spirits within the Bansenjin.

Taikyokuzu Battle Configuration:
Now that Taikoubou reunited with the part of him that was missing, he was able to unleash the true power of the Taikyokuzu Super Paopei. Instead of draining the user's own strength to manifest its powers like all the other Paopei, the Taikyokuzu sucked the powers from other Paopei and transferred them to its wielder!

Staying faithful to Houshin Engi's Chinese source material, the Taikyokuzu was a blatantly Taoist weapon in tune with the flow of energy that pervades all things. Taikoubou had previously utilized this ability in a purely defensive manner, but Fukki was able to harness its potential for battle. He absorbed his comrades' powers like a sponge until he was radiating with energy. You could say he became one with the Tao.

And thus the epic battle between Fukki and Jyoka finally began!

Powered-Up Fukki:
Powered by the Taikyokuzu, Fukki was transformed into a being capable of fighting Jyoka head on. His hair grew longer and his face was painted with magical tattoos similar to Jyoka's. This version of Fukki was a wild berserker with no regard for his own mortality. He could dish out damage in droves and take it just as easily. Even decapitated or ripped in half, he could fully regenerate in a matter of seconds thanks to the flow of power into his body.
But, then again, so could Jyoka... and Fukki's body was reaching its limits.
The Houshin Project:
It was then that the real purpose of the Houshin Project kicked in. When the combined strength of his allies wasn't enough to defeat Jyoka, all of the powerful souls sealed away in the Houshindai were released and added their energy to Fukki. Even old enemies were ready to help against a common threat.
Super Saiyajin Fukki:
I honestly have no idea how else to describe this version of Fukki. He glows with power and his hair turns blond. He even starts blasting Kamehamehas:
Still, this is not the berserker Fukki from before. He tries once again to reason with Jyoka:
And when she turns him down this time, he consciously honors her request to pound her into oblivion. But she doesn't want to go alone...
Regular Fukki:
A cataclysmic blast from point blank range knocked Fukki out of his Taikyokuzu high. Perhaps the full power of the Taikyokuzu was too much for his Earth-based body to handle, or perhaps it was because of Jyoka's explosion... whatever the reason, he awakened to find that his body was rapidly disintegrating... both his and Jyoka's.

Still, Jyoka took this opportunity to have a parting conversation.

Note: Fukki no longer had a black streak under his right eye.

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