Shinigami Soul
It is no secret that Kurosaki Ichigo is an extraordinary guy. From a young age he was able to see, communicate with, and touch ghosts, and had been attracting Hollows (ravenous lost souls) like a magnet with the intensity of his spiritual energy. So strong was his energy that it managed to interfere with Kuchiki Rukia's psychic perception. He was able to break her sai (a demon art that binds the spirit), and when she meant to transfer half of her power to him, he managed to unwittingly suck up it all. His zanpaku-tou (soul slayer sword), the reflection of his inner power, was gigantic compared to any other Shinigami (death god/soul reaper). <<< Read from RIGHT to LEFT <<<

Chapter 1
But it was never quite explained why a mere human would be capable of such things. A mere human who, without any prior training, immediately and intrinsically knew how to visualize the reiraku (spiritual threads Shinigami see). <<< Read from RIGHT to LEFT <<<

Chapter 8
It would appear there was more to this mere human than it seemed. Even after being severed from Rukia's Shinigami powers, the reiraku of his soul remained a distinctly Shinigami red, as opposed to the white color of a normal human soul. This could only mean that the source of his powers was within the fabric of his own being and was simply awakened by Rukia's influence. He had innate massive power even before her and without her. <<< Read from RIGHT to LEFT <<<

Chapter 63
Zangetsu, the spiritual personification of Ichigo's zanpaku-tou, knows this. <<< Read from RIGHT to LEFT <<<

Chapter 63
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