"I Will Stand By You Even If I Die":
Unraveling the Mystery of Ichigo's Enormous Power

This is my take on who Ichigo really is and why he's so damn powerful. Needless to say it's filled with EXPLICIT SPOILERS up through chapter 268 of the manga, so stop now if you don't want to know. The art and story are of course (c) Tite Kubo, although I took some liberties editing out some panels, rearranging others, and in general presenting things in a non-chronological manner in order to most efficiently and succinctly present my argument. However, I'm sure that those that have read the manga will find that the essence of the scenes remains intact. It is above all purely obsessive ramblings (along with corrections/additions others suggested) and entirely officially unconfirmed, but I figured it would be useful to organize everything in one place. My essay is very graphic intensive, so please take a moment (or several) for the manga panels to load.

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