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CALDORA: Epilogue
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Dinictis and Jason…

            Dinictis and Jason returned to Caldora, continuing their rule with the added challenge of healing the enmity between the North Forest and the rest of the country. Nobody could dispute Jason’s entitlement to the throne any longer, or even joke about his unworthiness of it. This time around he had absorbed not only Aloquin’s immortality, but also the fullness of his divine essence – complete with all the powers of a god – making Jason a true Dragon Twin and therefore the legitimate King of Caldora.


Raven and Aurora…

            Upon returning to the North Forest, Raven tracked down the forest dragon that had briefly cost him his rank, killed it, skinned it, and used its hide to make green dragon scale armor. Dragon scale was the most durable kind of leather armor in existence, for it was impervious to arrows and had the additional benefit of protecting its wearer from poison. With that out of the way, Raven followed in the footsteps of his father, leaving behind the way of the fighter to pursue a life of love and serenity. Aurora and he spent their carefree days frolicking in secluded forest glades away from the company of others. As far as the two of them were concerned, nothing else in the world mattered.


Lynn and Shalaya…

            Lynn traveled to the West Forest and reunited with his beloved Shalaya, Raven’s mother. She forgave him and gladly accepted his invitation to leave the stuffy city of Nastra and journey to the East Forest. There, they lived together in Lynn’s humble cave, a joy to the land and each other.


Keramis and Kentabri…

            With Raven gone, Keramis resumed his leadership of the ancestral cave. His defeat of Kranti, the second rank of the North Forest, caused a shift in the order of the hierarchy: Raven retained his title of first rank, but Keramis moved up to third rank and Lianna moved up to fifth rank. Kentabri was promoted to second rank, for though he was under Kranti in the hierarchy and should therefore have been placed under Keramis, the elf graciously admitted that he would not be able to defeat him. Keramis and Kentabri’s relationship remained dubious and aloof, but there was no hostility between them.



            Lianna could not bring herself to return to the North Forest – there were too many nostalgia-inducing places and too many painful memories for her there. Instead, she decided to get away from it all and start fresh; take her mind off what had transpired by immersing herself in the exotic cultures of the Lossi mainland. She stayed in the Forestside Kingdom and made a living as a dancer.


Lakai, Onedia, Sylvia, and Saillie…

            Onedia and Sylvia returned to the Forestside Kingdom and met up with Lakai. The populace was informed of their Queen’s true plans for the country, of the war, and of the subsequent triumph of the Caldorian forces. Their first reaction was to punish Onedia for her crimes, but the goddess’ magical charms easily placated their outrage so that they merely withdrew her right to throne.

            Upon learning of Lakai’s parentage, the people implored him to be their new King, for he was a potent symbol of the first rebel against Onedia’s tyranny – his father. Lakai had no wish to take on such a demanding job. He was not meant for a stressful city life; he yearned for the freedom of the wildwood, and he longed for Saillie. Instead of assuming the throne, he offered to use his psychic gifts to find a worthy King, figuring this was a fitting way to honor the deaths of his parents. Lakai believed Kadro to be the best choice, but he knew that the mercenary was a free spirit and would surely pine away in misery if tied down to one place. With that in mind, the boy appointed another man for the position.

            Lakai, Onedia, and Sylvia trekked to the Enchanted Forest. Sylvia was ready to give the role of Trickster Queen back to Onedia on the condition that her body be exorcised of the trickster presence. The tricksters kept her in a hellish state of undeath and all she wanted was to finally die and be able to rest in peace. Lakai and Saillie used their combined faery powers to banish the tricksters from Sylvia’s body, allowing her soul to pass on to the Overworld. Having done that, Lakai went back to Saillie’s cottage, and there they lived happily together.

            Pan and Laurel had no memory of themselves under Onedia’s curse, but with everything back to normal and the forest restored, they quickly forgave their daughter for her transgressions – it was hard to stay mad at Onedia.



            Kadro left Iyutel by himself. The first thing he did was stop by Tsuna and deliver a heartfelt apology to Neiruni and the rest of the town in person. He then set his course towards the rising sun, wandering out into the world to sort out his identity.



            Lowak disappeared into the back alleys of Iyutel. The tricksters had swiftly merged with his being, and he was not fully human anymore. In return for giving him power they plagued him with nightmares and ate the fear from his dreams. It was not long before he felt their undeniable pull to return to the Enchanted Forest, where he was instinctively led to the Unseelie Court and was taken in by the Dark Sidhe.



            Acleito returned to Nastra with his victorious army. He was praised as a war hero throughout the West Forest and given great honors by the Kanitezi himself. Weapons were taken away from the slaves and they were put back to their pre-war tasks. But the commoners have been given a taste of freedom, and they would not relinquish it easily. Tensions between the classes grew.


Yugashii and Kowhani…

            Kowhani’s sacrifice had indeed earned Yugashii’s favor. So impressed was the war god that he came to her in person and offered to train her, eventually making her his avatar. But that is another story…



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