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the Apocalypse
(name very subject to change)

Prelude: In the Beginning...

Part I: Aloquin Returns

     Chapter 1: Lord and Lady of the Forest

     Chapter 2: Come Away, O Human Child

     Chapter 3: Much Ado About Nothing

Part II: The North Forest

     Chapter 4: Wizards, and Dragons, and Weres

     Chapter 5: Better Off Dead

     Chapter 6: Fight or be Trampled

     Chapter 7: The Warrior Spirit

     Chapter 8: Echoes of Trellia

Part III: The Enchanted Forest

     Chapter 9: Into the Woods

     Chapter 10: Bittersweet Dreams

     Chapter 11: All Things That Glitter

Part IV: The Forestside Kingdom

     Chapter 12: The Thief and The Wanderer

     Chapter 13: The Gathering Storm

     Chapter 14: Interlude

     Chapter 15: The Plot Thickens

Part V: The Dark Fortress

     Chapter 16: Masquerade

     Chapter 17: The Dark Mirror

     Chapter 18: The King is Dead, Long Live the King



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