Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 27
Frax's Fury

Eric: "I'll take this one!" 

Frax's angsty past is finally revealed! He used to be a kindly scientist with a passion for building robots when he stumbled upon the poisoned Ransik in a dark alley. He took Ransik in and healed him with a special serum, warning him that he would have to keep taking the serum to suppress the poison. Ransik repaid him by destroying his laboratory and leaving him for dead... which makes perfect sense to do to the only person capable of creating your medicine.

But Frax survived by building himself a robot body to inhabit, and has spent the latter part of his life working under Ransik and biding his time for revenge. When the time was right, he destroyed all the serum Ransik used to repress his sickness and, to add insult to injury, he released Venomark from the X-Vault - the mutant whose poison is the bane of Ransik's existence. Venomark runs amok in the city and infects all the Time Force Rangers except Wes.

Wes is forced to come to Eric and his father for help to replicate Ransik's serum and cure the city's population. Eric even goes out of his way to help a little old lady, it's so very sweet! >^.^<

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