Year: 2002
Length: 119min
Role: Zero
Ryuhei Kitamura

Average: 2

I've heard bad things about this movie, but I also heard bad things about Godzilla: Final Wars. I figured that if I could sit through Godzilla, I'd probably make it through Alive. No pun intended.

If Tak is comparable to Johnny Depp, then this would be his Edward Scissorhands... except with more action, no personality, and a lot less screen time. He looks just plain horrible here as a hybrid of human DNA and an extraterrestrial Isomer. He does, however, get a decent fight scene at the very end.

Most of the movie revolves around Tenshu Yashiro, who is played by Hideo Sakaki - Tak's nemesis from Versus. Many co-stars from Versus make cameos here, especially those who played the Yakuza members. But anyway, Tenshu is a death row inmate who survives the electric chair and is then given a choice: die or become part of a top secret experiment. He picks the latter. In the experiment he is exposed to a parasitic Isomer that chooses its host based on their desire to kill. Tenshu proves to be the most bloodthirsty one in the room, gets possessed by the Isomer, and gains Matrix-defying super powers.

The movie moves very slow and nothing happens for most of it, but I did enjoy the flashes into Tenshu's past and the psychological meddling of the Isomer.

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