Tak Sakaguchi
Birthday: March 15, 1975
Home: Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
Height: 175cm/5ft 7in
Weight: 78kg/171.6lb
B/W/H: 93/64/93.5
Shoe Size: 27cm/10.6in
Blood Type: A


Tak Sakaguchi Fanlisting
Tak Sakaguchi Fanlisting

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Tak Sakaguchi
(the man that lives in my iPod)

Ok, so it's not technically an iPod. It's an MP3 player. I don't even like iPods, it's just so much easier to say. But yeah, it's so loaded with Tak multimedia, it may as well be his second home. But who is he? And why do I like him?

Everything I Like To Think I Know About Tak

Movie Reviews/Image Galleries
These are all the movies of Tak's that I have (so far). I like to take pretty screenshots of them. They are organized in the order that I saw them, so if you read the descriptions chronologically, you get a little glimpse of how the obsession progressed over time. I rated them based on:
Time - how much time Tak is in the movie.
Looks - how pretty Tak looks in the movie.
Action - how much action there is in the movie.
Blood - how much blood/gore is in the movie.
Content - how interesting/original the movie is.
A lot of the text and pictures contain SPOILERS!
(2000) Versus
(2003) Azumi
(2003) Battlefield Baseball
(2006) Death Trance
(2005) Shinobi
(2004) Godzilla: Final Wars
(2002) The Messenger
(2005) Sakigake!! Cromartie High School
(2002) Aragami
(2005) Azumi 2
(2002) Alive
(2006) Yo-Yo Girl Cop
(1998) Tebana Sankichi (2005)
Sakigake!! Otokojuku

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