Year: 2003
Length: 145min
Little Sajiki Brother
Ryuhei Kitamura

Average: 2

After watching Versus, my interest in Tak was peaked and I sought more movies with him. I thought I'd pick up Azumi because it was by the same director, had Tak in it, and the trailer looked pretty damn sweet. I was wrong. There are gaping plotholes and... and I guess this is about the only movie you'll get to see a wooden carriage explode into flames after falling off a cliff. That was quite amusing in a way. I guess it's not all bad. Don't get this movie for Tak, though, because his role is very small and not very pretty at all. I recognized his voice instantly but could hardly believe my eyes. They put him in a horrid costume, as befits the psychotic younger brother of a bandit. And I don't mean psychotic in a good way. The most eventful thing he does is stab himself in the hand with a knife. This kinda killed my interest in Tak for a while.

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