Azumi 2: Death or Love
Year: 2005
Length: 113min
(Earth Spider)
Shusuke Kaneko

Average: 2.6
Azumi 2: Death or Love

Since I bought Azumi, where Tak plays a very minor, psychotic role, I figured there was no excuse for me not to get Azumi 2, where Tak plays a slightly larger, psychotic role. He also looks a ton better here, because I actually like the funky costume (minus the scary breastplate) and face paint.

He plays the bad guy called Tsuchi-gumo (Earth Spider), one of the ninjas sent to assassinate Azumi. As such, he gets a couple of decent fight scenes, using knives, darts, and webs as his weapons. The spider web is especially nifty because the strands are razor sharp and coated with poison. So why did he get docked in the Looks rating? Nothing to do with his looks, really, but his VOICE. For the love of all things good and holy, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE, darling?? I can respect his ability to manipulate it like that, but... but... I'm TRAUMATIZED! I really am. XD

Shockingly, I liked Azumi 2 better than Azumi 1, despite how much people love to ridicule it compared to the first one. Makes me want to re-watch Azumi to figure out why it just didn't do it for me. Perhaps it was because there was constant eye candy in Azumi 2 to keep my attention while Tak wasn't onscreen. First, I started to realize that Azumi's last remaining friend  Nagara (Yuma Ishigaki) was actually kinda cute. Then he died. But more importantly, Azumi's new boyfriend Ginkaku (Shun Oguri) is hawt! He's basically a clone of her old boyfriend Nichi from the first one, except she doesn't manage to kill the new one in the first ten minutes.

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