Cromartie High
Year: 2005
Length: 85min
Ichiro Yamamoto
Yudai Yamaguchi

Average: 2.6
Sakigake!! Cromartie High School

Even though Tak does not have a large role in this movie, I got it because it was directed by his friend Yudai Yamaguchi. He also directed Battlefield Baseball, and I enjoyed the humor in that, so I figured it couldn't hurt. It is about a high school so bad, that it has been destroyed 6 times (and counting) since its founding in 1923, and is populated entirely by gangsters. The movie follows Takashi Kamiyama, an otherwise normal, intelligent young man, who enrolls in it. Why? Because back in junior high, when he was bullied by a group of kids, Yamamoto (Tak's character) came to his rescue, complete with sunglasses and the traditional Japanese gangster quasi-mohawk hairstyle (damn do I hate it). They've been best friends ever since.

When it came time to graduate, Yamamoto didn't think he could get into any high school with his bad grades and made plans to save up money to become a street vendor. Kamiyama didn't want to go to school without his best friend, and suggested Yamamoto try out for Cromartie High, where all you had to know in order to get in is how to subtract. Kamiyama passed, Yamamoto didn't. Well damn. =/

It is noteworthy to mention that Kamiyama is played by Takamasa Suga, the cute monk from Death Trance, and one of Kamiyama's new friends is played by Mitsuki Koga, the knife throwy ninja from Shinobi whom I dislike for killing Tak's character Yashamaru.

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