Godzilla: Final Wars
Year: 2004
Length: 125min
Role: Xillian
Ryuhei Kitamura
Action Director:
Tak Sakaguchi

Average: 2.8
Godzilla: Final Wars

So I got a Gozdilla movie... why? why did I do that?? >.<

Basically, Godzilla here is fighting to protect Earth from various monsters sent by aliens. Very, very pretty aliens in black leather and dark eyeshadow called Xillians. O.o; Tak plays one of these Xillians. He is in the movie for a total of perhaps a minute and a half out of 125 and has no lines, but good gods does he look breathtaking!! Better even than in Death Trance or Shinobi. It gave me chills! I NEEDED THOSE SCREENCAPS OF HIM, so I figured they were worth $15. Besides, the way I see it, if I bought Azumi, there's no excuse for not buying this one. Though he doesn't have a big role as a character, Tak was the action director for the movie.

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