Jam Films: The Messenger
Year: 2002
Length: 15min
Role: Judas
Ryuhei Kitamura

Average: 3.6
The Messenger: Requiem for the Lost Souls

In my pursuit of having everything with Tak that I could get my hands on, I bought this collection of short films. Tak is in the first one called "The Messenger." It is a haunting Yakuza ghost story about a mysterious woman who has a, get this, message for the Yakuza leader. I swear, Tak will never get away from the Yakuza/zombie image... most of his movies have one or the other or both. But maybe it's Ryuhei, Yuji, and Yudai who have the zombie fetish. At least I know Yudai is very particular about how he shows his gore. Anyway, Tak plays Judas, and if his name doesn't give it away, he is no friend of his own boss. The film may only be 15 minutes long, but he's one of the only three characters on screen given a name. I thought it was good. And Tak even tries to act, it's cute. ^.^

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