Year: 2005
Length: 101min
Role: Yashamaru
Ten Shimoyama

Average: 3.6

After the Azumi disaster, I was very wary of getting any movie where Tak plays a minor role. Even the trailer for Shinobi didn't look all that interesting to me. But then I saw THIS shot of his character Yashamaru and was like, "ok, I'm getting that"... well, rather, that's the thought that went through my head, what actually came out was an elated squeal. ^^;; Holy turquoise eyeshadow batman!! Tell me that's not the most beautiful thing in the world.

I didn't really expect to like the movie. I'm not one for love stories. Yashamaru didn't disappoint, though. He looked so wonderful in his black kimono with strings shooting out of his sleeves. His fight scenes were great and he was obviously one of the better fighters. He was too proud for his own good, though. I had expected Yashamaru to die, but I didn't expect him to die so soon. ;_; He was fighting the knife throwy ninja (Mitsuki Koga) and HE DODGED THE @!$% DAGGERS, damnit, but knife guy had them on chains and pulled back on them to crisscross and pin my darling against a tree. NOOOOO!!! I barely had time for the full shock to set in before the shapeshifter ninja came in and decided to claim Yashamaru's face because it was so pretty. YAAAAY!!! So his physical appearance lived on as a spy for the opposing ninja clan. However, shapeshifter ninja wasn't much of a fighter, and promptly got killed again after his first attempt to kill their leader. NOOOOOOOO!!! My only focus in the movie - GONE!! *sob* My single consolation was that pretty much everyone else died, too.

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