Yo-Yo Girl Cop
Year: 2006
Length: 99min
Role: Romeo's Thug
Kenta Fukasaku

Average: 2.8
Yo-Yo Girl Cop

Otherwise known as "Sukeban Deka: Koodo Neemu = Asamiya Saki," but I guess audiences overseas would better relate to the name "Yo-Yo Girl Cop" because it's about a girl... who's a cop... and uses a special police-issued yo-yo as her weapon. Also note that's it's directed by Kenta Fukasaku! The guy that made Battle Royale....... 2. ~_~;;

So this story is about a pretty young girl who is given 72 hours to infiltrate a high school and uncover the mastermind behind a secret organization of student suicide bombers. The guy's code name is Romeo. He starts out normal, then goes blond at the end for some inexplicable reason. He develops a liking for the girl, and stalks her for half the movie.

Where is Tak in all this, you ask? Well, he's one of Romeo's henchmen and spends his time perfecting what he does best: beat up girls!! (Lets see, we have that girl from Versus, then the angel chick from Death Trance, and the Goddess of Destruction from Death Trance... do I even have to mention Azumi?) He has maybe two lines, but gets decent fight scenes as far as thugs go!

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