“You decided to end you own life to escape that despair. However, your despair itself was part of the wheel of fate.” Ubik, Vol. 3 Ch. 2

Okay, so that line isn’t about Griffith, but it applies to him just the same. He got knocked out of the wagon and tossed into a lake. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no horses, no wagon, and newly broken bones, Griffith couldn’t help but laugh at how pathetic he’d become. His first impulse was suicide, but no, that didn’t quite work out. He was still terrified of death. He missed his throat and only accomplished a stream of blood trickling down his arm. His Behelit was lost in the prison, carried away by an underground river. But as fate would have it – literally – his splashing about in the lake brought it back into his hands.

The Eclipse

Griffith...!! Was it me? The one who drove you... Was I the one who brought all this upon you? What should I do...?! What do you want of me?!” Guts, Vol. 12 Ch. 4

Well it certainly wasn’t your dazzling intellect. Yes, Guts still didn’t get it. Never had, never would. But he still chased after Griffith because, whether out of love or hatred, it’s the only thing he’d ever know how to do. And also because somewhere, deep down, he felt responsible for all this. Now, I’m not saying the ensuing carnage was Guts’ fault. I’m just saying that if Guts hadn’t left, none of it would’ve happened and everyone would live happily ever after. Caska certainly thought so.

“What can I do!? Once I catch up to you... what then...? What then...?! What the...?” Guts, Vol. 12 Ch. 4

Hmm... there seems to be an ominous-looking solar eclipse looming overhead.

“...Unhh.......!!” Griffith, Vol. 12 Ch. 4

Griffith was as confused as everyone else because he didn’t plan for this to happen. He had no clue how the Behelit worked. While dangling him around the other day, Wyald did mentioned something about summoning some “guardian angels,” but Griffith didn’t know who they were or how to do that. The Behelit was being triggered passively by his fresh blood and tears to usher in a demonic festival that took place once every 216 years. Day turned to night and strange creatures emerged from the lake.


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