...Angelo Credo
(Mission 8)

Credo is a loyal member of a cult
called Order of the Sword which
worships Sparda. In particular, he is the
Captain of the Holy Knights... but is probably
better known as Kyrie's brother. Like a good little
pawn, he undergoes the Ascension Ceremony to become
an "angel." Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.

Angelo Credo's fighting pattern flows a lot like Vergil in DMC3, which 
is fitting, since he is voiced by none other than Dan Southworth!! 'Course
he's nowhere as fast as Vergil, can't Devil Trigger, and his voice isn't
nearly as distracting, but the resemblance is there. This battle is your
classic "bait, sidestep, retaliate" model, which takes patience and
caution. His reflexes aren't the quickest, but he's not stupid!

Run up to provoke him, and get out of the way as he
moves to raise his sword. He will do a combo
in the direction you were standing. Go
after him, and just as he finishes,
Streak into him or otherwise
attack him as he recovers.
He will soon block
you with his
Jump away and repeat.

Credo's shield makes this a long battle, and makes him very resistant to Devil Bringer. But if you damage him enough, he will go to one knee and start panting. At this point he is vulnerable to a powerful Buster attack. Strike him first, then pump the Devil Bringer button for extra damage. Being in Devil Trigger is definitely a plus.

Sometimes Credo will get annoyed, teleport to the far end of the platform, and start shooting Lance Projectiles at you. These are easy to jump over or side roll if you are far enough away from him. He will shoot up to three lances in rapid succession, then continue attacking normally, or shoot up to three more. Don't go close to him until you know which he plans to do, because trying to dodge the lance at point blank range is not fun!

When he's down to about one third of his life, Credo will get a lot faster. Leisurely hopping in front of his nose won't cut it anymore. He will take to the air and teleport all over the place, making him a lot harder to bait and counter. It also becomes more difficult to predict when his combo is over and when it is safe to attack him. He starts doing rapid Stinger-like attacks that he strings together with other combos. Credo gains two new kinds of projectiles: the Ring of Spears, and Spike Projectiles. Keep on jumping and pray he gets tired soon.

Lance Projectiles:
Credo teleport to a corner of the room and starts to charge up glowing lances that he releases at Nero. Stay far from him and jump over or side roll the lances. Or, if you're feeling really flashy, you can try to catch one with Devil Bringer and throw it back at him! He will fire lances in sessions of 1 to 3.
Ring of Spears: Credo flies up and summons a circle of spear points that surround and follow Nero. Jump as they're about to strike to avoid damage, or try to slash them up before they do.
Spike Projectiles: Credo flies up and summons a row of spikes that fire in pairs at Nero. Keep on jumping/rolling.
Aerial Slash: While in the air, Credo sweeps his sword down in a wide arc so powerfully the wind tears at the cement! Umm, don't get caught in that. It hurts. In the last third of the battle he will teleport around and do that constantly, so stay mobile.
"Stinger": Credo growls and lunges forward with his sword.
"Helm Breaker": Credo dives down into you from the air, blade-first.

Nero receives the Aegis Shield for defeating Credo, granting him the ability to hold and block with enemies.

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