Outenkun & Taikoubou back to Ou Eki
Meanwhile, Ou Eki became Dakki's disciple. She helped him split his soul further into three parts, and placed the splits into bodies with Youkai as the base. They ended up looking like long-eared goth versions of Taikoubou... Which I think is super hawt! Don't you just wanna cuddle him?!... No?... Maybe it's just me, then. ^^;;

His Youkai name was Ou-Tenkun (1, 2, and 3), leader of the Juttenkun - twelve powerful Youkai counterparts to Kongrong's twelve Juunisen Sennin. However, he had no love for either Kongrong or Kingou, and his loyalties lay instead with Dakki. He worked with her to orchestrate the great war between Kongrong and Kingou and make his childhood dream of mass destruction come true. He still remembered the Houshin Project and knew that every move he made furthered his ultimate goal. Dakki, in turn, was taking orders directly from Jyoka, and the fact that Outenkun sided with her despite this said something about Dakki's own intentions.

Outenkun wasn't the most stable person in the world. He was driven by hatred and spite, reveled in torture and death, and was generally not a very nice guy. In fact, if he was being nice at all, it was usually a red flag for some sadistic trap. Feeling himself to be beyond repair, he wanted others to share in his pain. He wanted those responsible for his condition to break as much as he did.
Even though, for the most part, he did Dakki's bidding, Outenkun was no brainwashed zombie. It just so happened they had the same goal. Other than that, he definitely had his own agenda, and set up a few sub-plots of personal interest to him along the way. He was every bit the brilliant trickster as Taikoubou, and knew how to hit people where it hurt the most - their hearts.
Although he had no close combat power, and preferred to get things done indirectly, he was a devastating enemy. He could project and multiply his image to confuse his opponent, and travel by teleporting through dimensional doorways. 
Unlike other Juttenkun who created pocket dimensions outside the common reality, Outenkun could create his own space within the common reality using his blood. Being inside it was like being inside his body and trying to fight him on those terms was futile. Into this space he released his deadliest attack.

In addition to creating Outenkun's special dimension, this Paopei released dark clouds that rained acidic blood. Since Outenkun's dimension existed within the common reality, it was possible to simply walk out of it, but doing so before dissolving in his bloodstorm was a challenge. This exit only worked one way, however, and those outside had to watch their friends suffer.
This Paopei takes the form of a tiny parasitic bug that attaches itself to a host and drains their energy. Its influence appears as a growing flower pattern on the body, and it is lethal if not treated. The Dani also appears to multiply and infect those nearby, so it's great for infiltrating enemy bases.

Hates: Youzen
Causes Death Of: Gyokutei Shinjin, Tsuuten Kyoushu, half of the immortal world.
This split had a grudge against Youzen for being pampered at Kongrong while he was confined to a prison cell at Kingou by Tsuuten Kyoushu. Outenkun 1 took Youzen hostage and unleashed the Kousuijin on his beloved mentor, Gyokutei Shinjin, when he came to save him. Instead of escaping himself, Gyokutei carried Youzen out of the storm and melted away in the process. Outenkun 1 unmasked Youzen in front of his friends hoping the knowledge of his Youkai heritage would turn them against him (it didn't work). He finally sacrificed his life to set up a fight between Youzen and his father, Tsuuten Kyoushu, in which the latter died. Outenkun 1's greatest accomplishment was provoking Bunchuu into starting the war between Kingou and Kongrong, and decimating the ranks of the Juttenkun.
Hates: Genshitenson, Bunchuu
Causes Death Of: Kou Hiko, Bunchuu, other half of the immortal world.
This split wanted revenge against Genshitenson for trading him to Kingou for Youzen... and, err, I'm not quite sure why he hated Bunchuu... probably 'cause Bunchuu's a bossy jerk. Genshitenson thought he had everything under control, including Ou Eki, but Outenkun 2 was out to prove just how easily this carefully constructed world could shatter. He had Bunchuu massacre the Junnisen of Kongrong, which escalated into a no holds barred death match with Genshitenson himself. After the dust cleared, Outenkun 2 turned his attention to Bunchuu. He kidnapped Bunchuu's best friend, Kou Hiko, and stuck them together in his Kousuijin dimension. Kou Hiko disintegrated, and though Bunchuu lashed out and killed Outenkun 2, he lost all will to fight and committed suicide. 
Hates: Taikoubou
Causes Death Of: Kou Tenka

This split hated Taikoubou for taking his place as Genshitenson's disciple. He tried to overthrow Taikoubou's plan to vanquish the Yin Dynasty by human hands by using the Sennin Kou Tenka's thirst for revenge to defeat the Emperor. Tenka stopped short of doing that and was stabbed from behind by a guard. Much as Outenkun 3 hated Taikoubou, he also found their mental sparring exhilarating, and his hatred gradually turned to fascination. Outenkun never stopped looking for the other half of his soul. It was perhaps his only hope of healing the emptiness he felt inside and becoming whole. When he was convinced he had found it in Taikoubou, Outenkun's fascination turned to bittersweet longing.

When Taikoubou finally managed to die Outenkun caught his soul in one of his dimensions and they had a little chat. (I assume Outenkun caught and joined with the souls of Outenkun 1 & 2 in the same way) Taikoubou felt their connection too, but he had a very hard time coming to terms with the idea that they were the same person. It would mean he was responsible for all the death and destruction Outenkun had wrought on his friends.
Ou Eki stayed true to the Houshin Project by masterminding its execution from both sides of the battlefront: Kongrong Mountain and Kingou Island. Taikoubou openly pursued its objectives while Outenkun manipulated things from the shadows. It was Outenkun who let Youzen take down the Kingou Island barrier and allowed Kongrong to launch an attack, it was Outenkun who split up the Juttenkun so they would be easily defeated, who caused Bunchuu's downfall and used Tenka's life to make overthrowing the Yin smoother by human hands. Outenkun did everything Taikoubou would've done if he wasn't burdened by a conscience. And now with Taikoubou's own body gone, he had no choice but to join with Outenkun if he wanted to continue his mission.
As Taikoubou and Outenkun reunited into Ou Eki, they were flooded with their forgotten alien memories and finally reclaimed their birthright. I would venture to say this was Fukki's plan all along. What better way to keep his identity and his plans secret from Jyoka than if even he himself didn't know their full implications until everything was set in place?
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