Ryo Bou to Taikoubou
It was then that Genshitenson came down to retrieve his long-lost disciple.
Ryo Bou jumped on the opportunity, seeing it as a means by which he could correct injustice in the world. If the bad guys were powerful, he would become stronger to match them. It wasn't a matter of revenge as much as not wanting what happened to him to happen to anyone else.
And thus Taikoubou was born! As per Fukki/Ou Eki's plan, Genshitenson raised Taikoubou to one day spearhead the Houshin Project. He was kept in ignorance of his past as Fukki/Ou Eki in hope of keeping both his identity and the grand plan secret from Jyoka. Taikoubou was trained from scratch by Genshitenson.
He was a model student of unparalleled discipline. Well versed in etiquette and diplomacy. With a strong sense of honor and uncompromising integrity.
Who am I kidding? He had no shame! Indeed, there was no limit to how low he would go to achieve victory.
He loved food, especially peaches, and was particularly skilled in the art of drunken fighting! But, when it came down to it, he just didn't have much in the way of raw power. That never stopped him, though. What he lacked in strength he made up for with his brain, and has been known to take down many a greater opponent through pure resourcefulness and ingenuity. Trickery and strategy came effortlessly for him, and most are oblivious to his intentions until it is too late.
Truth be told, Taikoubou didn't like to fight. Left to his own devices, he would much rather slack off. He rarely had any sense of urgency and usually planned two steps ahead so things resolved on their own anyway. Still, his apparent apathy was exasperating for his friends who were not clued in on his motives.
His avoidance of battle had more than one purpose. Firstly... sure, he was lazy. Secondly, he liked to take care of things non-violently. Thirdly, he wanted to give his friends the opportunity to become more powerful. Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, he liked to observe. As the brain of the operation, he had to be intimately familiar with his comrades' strengths and weaknesses and how they work together as a team. He also wanted a chance to size up his opponent, and often used himself as a decoy to show his friends what they're dealing with.
But, when all else failed, Taikoubou would get serious and join in the fight, awing his allies with his immense reserves of power. He was very passionate about helping the innocent and cared deeply about his friends. He would fight within an inch of his life and sacrifice himself without a second thought to protect them. More than anything, Taikoubou wished to use his powers to create a safe human world. Every death in his path weighed heavily on his conscience.
And though he usually won... sometimes he lost... and sometimes he appeared to die. But, for better or worse, in one form or another, he always came back.
Taikoubou acquired a number of powerful items called Paopei to make himself more useful.

This started out as an element-based wand that controlled air. With it, Taikoubou could cut with gusts of wind, defend with a wind barrier, summon tornados, and cheat at cards. Its major attacks are:

Projectile blades of wind.

Circular razors to attack or deflect.

One or more small or large twisters.

Super Paopei Taikyokuzu:
This was one of the seven Super Paopei originally created by the First People, and was essential in the fight against Jyoka. It was given(/returned?) to Taikoubou by by one of the three great Sennin, Taijou Roukun. Though massive, it took the form of a little Taiji ball at the tip of Taikoubou's Dashinben.

The Taikyokuzu could be either the weakest or the most powerful Paopei, depending on its usage. It had no true powers of its own, but rather acted as an anti-Paopei, nullifying the effects of surrounding Paopei. Taikoubou used it to essentially disarm opponents and heal damage their Paopei have done. Of course, when Taikyokuzu was in effect, his friends couldn't use their Paopei powers either. But this wasn't the full extent of Taikyokuzu's potential. Taijou Roukun cryptically remarked that it wouldn't be unlocked until Taikoubou finds a missing part of himself.
This Paopei was an upgrade to the Dashinben wand. At the push of a button, a white flag with Taikoubou's rabbit(?) emblem would pop out. But this was not a flag of surrender. Rather, it draws power from Kongrong Mountain into the weilder.
Taiitsu Multi-Purpose Artificial Arm:
After losing his left arm in a fight against Inkou, Taikoubou received this artificial arm from Taiitsu Shinjin. It doesn't work quite like a Paopei, as it doesn't draw energy from its wielder, but it can stretch, shoot a water gun, and rocket punch... none of which Taikoubou really uses. But, hey, it's nice to have an arm again! Did I mention Taikoubou is left-handed?
Taikoubou won this Paopei from a Youkai named Chintou. It looks like a pair of zigzag sticks and they shoot fire. Taikoubou later gave them to Tenka.

Suupuushan (Sibuxiang):
This is Taikoubou's loyal friend and aerial mount. Suupuushan has a regular cute form, and later develops a much more powerful battle form. He carries the Ball of Rejuvenation, and when he is in trouble, the ball explodes and restores all around him to their maximum level. Pretty handy.

Taikoubou Farmer:
While Taikoubou was searching for Taijou Roukun, he spent a few months as a farmer. In the process, he got muscles, a tan, and got to spend some time herding sheep again. It was skeery.
Taikoubou Doll:
Occasionally, Taikoubou is drawn as a cute rabbit-like critter with a "Tai" symbol on his torso. Once he actually got turned into a doll in that image.

Everything was going according to plan, until one day Taikoubou met his match.

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