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I dedicate this page to the cat who lets me sleep in her bed, Angel... the fuzzy creature I love most in all the world! >^.^< I love her so much I can't even think of her as a separate entity anymore. I am very linked to her.


Name: (Guardian) Angel... although I have been asked by vets why we call her that...

Sex: female

Age: 15 years old

Birthday: June 1, 1995

Eye Color: greenish yellow

Fur Color: orange and white

Temperament: "aggressive"... hey, I didn't say it, the vet wrote that down in her file. :P She's a wildcat, she is! The vet tried to restrain her, but couldn't. They called in an animal handler, but both her and the vet couldn't restrain Angel either. They had to take her to the "back room" and tie her up in some restraining device. Hellish yowls came from that room that sent chills down my spine... and that was just to trim her nails! Needless to say, I trim her nails myself now, and she doesn't mind.

She might be little, but she's fierce, and meows like blasting speakers. Once she got so excited over seeing a raccoon in the window, she meowed loud enough to set off the alarm system! She loves me to pieces, though.

Angel & me



Photos of Angel

she ate the photographer


trying to sleep on cluttered table

blue rolling over stretching

close up

cat and mouse


looking at camera laying by door laying on another table
near a couch looking up on armchair
mad kitty

laying on a bookshelf

looking to the side
lighted profile soft lighting In Suitcase



Other Cats I Have Known

Star, Blacky, and their Kittens:
These are pictures of Star, Blacky, and their kittens. Star is a very special cat I met while staying in upstate New York. He was my best friend. We would go stargazing together, take walks through the woods where he would show me the most beautiful places. He would come to my cabin every day in the morning meowing to be fed. Once he even came at night in the rain, meowing for me to come outside. We grew very close, and once he even tried to hump me. While that didn't quite work out, I have to admit I was flattered at his intentions, since cats don't normally hump humans like dogs do. I, however, told him that he already has a lovely feline girlfriend named Blacky, and she'd be jealous if she found out.

Blacky and Star had four adorable kittens which she kept in the owner's villa way across the resort, the only human she trusted. But one day I looked under my cabin and saw that Blacky had moved them to our house. She still didn't trust me, so I could only assume that Star had convinced her to move, because he trusted me. Star was an extraordinary father to his children. Although normally tomcats leave the female cat to care for the kittens on her own, Star stood by her, disciplined the kids, and spent hours playing with Blacky and sleeping together in the grass outside our cabin. We fed the whole family, named the kittens (Lucas, Diamond, Scratchy, Pinkie), and they grew frisky and strong. Well, all of them except for Pinkie, who was tiny, had trouble opening his eyes, and was constantly picked on by the other three. I'm not sure what happened to him ~_~

kittens hiding in rock 1 kittens fighting kittens drinking milk
kittens hiding in rock 2 Star close upOminous Shadow Star
the whole family Star and Blacky Star showing me the forest


Fluffy is another amazing cat I met in upstate New York. I would come every day to the backyard of the owner's villa to feed and play with her. All I had to do was meow a few times and she would come running up to me, be it from the forest, from under a car, or from a storehouse.

Fluffy close up by a tire under a car


A few other cats I have met. Most from upstate New York, one from South Dakota. Simba and Nala were the other dominant feline couple besides Star and Blacky, Roxy is a playful kitten, and Blacky B (not to be confused with Blacky) is flexing her claws.

Simba and Nala Tip A and Tip B fighting Roxy
Blacky B Spot ATiger the cat that wouldn't get off

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