Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 20
Quantum Secrets

Eric: "I work alone!!" 

This here is the Holy Grail of pure Eric goodness! It is essentially all about Eric rolling around in the desert in an untucked, partially unbuttoned white shirt - one of the few times you see him out of his Silver Guardians uniform and red beret.

Even stripped of his Quantum Morpher, wounded, and outnumbered, Eric proves he is 100% badass. He doesn't care that the Megazord chasing him just took out five fully armed Power Rangers! He will outrun it, dive in to grab a gun, shoot the mutant holding his morpher, catch it as it flies through the air, and activate it just in time to stop his robot from blasting his head off. But that's not all! He then transforms into the Quantum Ranger and single-handedly takes out a giant mutant without the air of a Megazord. You do NOT want to mess with this man!

On a lighter note, you get to see a bit more of Eric's private life. He loves animals and is capable of showing his softer side to children. He is still stubbornly antisocial towards the other Rangers, yet still decides not to share their secrets with his boss.

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