Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 24
Movie Madness, Part I

Eric: "You're gonna COOK me?! This CAN'T be HAPPENING!! *rattles cage*"
The Time Force Rangers are transported to movie worlds of their favorite genre: Wes and Trip get Western, Jen gets Kung Fu, Lucas gets Samurai, and Katie gets Musical (where everything is strangely harmless). Not knowing what to do, Circuit turns to Eric for help. Eric isn't interested until he hears that the Rangers have disappeared from this dimension completely. But there's not much he can do because he, too, gets pulled into a cinematic world: Jungle movie!

He is cast as a Tarzan type character dressed in nothing but a loincloth, with long hair, and even the signature wild man vine swinging scream! It's oddly fitting, since Eric loves animals. Indeed, he befriends a chimp by helping it get a banana. His frolicking is interrupted, however, by cannibals who lock him in a cage and start heating up their cauldron.

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