Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 36
Circuit Unsure

Eric: "Why don't we settle this the old-fashioned way? A duel to the finish!"

Circuit was the perfect computer until the Time Force Rangers asked him to tell them about the near future and his memory banks went haywire. Since then, the Rangers wouldn't let him help out for fear of him glitching again. Meanwhile, Ransik sent one of his mutants into a science building to set off a self-destruct mechanism while the scientists were trapped inside. Why would a building need a self-destruct mechanism? I should really stop asking such silly questions. Anyway, Trip and Circuit managed to sneak inside the control room.

Trip did his best to deprogram the countdown, but wasn't having any luck. He asked Circuit for help, but Circuit was so afraid of making a mistake that he wouldn't budge. Eventually the countdown already expired and the only thing stopping the building from blowing up was the Rangers holding open the sealing doors. Even then, Circuit would not try for fear of making things worse. Really, Circuit, I DON'T THINK THINGS CAN GET ANY WORSE!!

Argh, this is the only episode where Circuit annoys me. It could've been about regaining self-confidence, believing in yourself even if you screwed up before, but nooo... I guess that's too deep for Power Rangers. Instead, Alex buzzes in and tells Circuit that he didn't malfunction after all. It was Alex who erased his memory banks because he was about to reveal compromising information to the Rangers. Knowing this, Circuit jumps in and shuts down the self-destruct mechanism.

Later, when the Rangers are about to fight the giant-form mutant, Circuit intentionally flies into an oncoming laser blast to shield them. Heroic maybe, but STUPID!! Now the Rangers can't call their Megazord!!

This is where Eric comes in. See, all this time Eric has been fighting that mutant. Before it went giant form, they even had an old-fashioned duel. Though the mutant shot first, Eric did his signature drop-and-shoot which landed a solid hit. Then Eric brought out his Quantasaurus and finally defeated the giant form of the mutant, with marginal help from the Time Force Rangers' jet blasts.

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Unfortunately, nothing Yaoi really happens in 36... they don't even talk. ~_~

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