Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 37
A Calm Before the Storm

Eric: "It's time to send this metal-head back to the scrap heap!"

This serves primarily as a flashback episode to get everyone up to speed for the grand finale, but it does have its own shreds of plot.  Mr. Collins has discovered the immense power of the Triserium crystals - a science that should not be invented for another hundred years! Eric comes to warn Wes about this new development, and Wes goes to talk some sense into his father, but their conversation gets interrupted by a giant monster attacking the city. This is Frax's new invincible robot and it's kicking the Time Force Rangers' asses! But it is no match for Eric, who single-handedly defeats it with his Quantasaurus! Later, Eric comes to visit Wes again, this time with news that Mr. Collins has stopped researching the Triserium crystals.

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Episode 37 - Yaoi style

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