Power Rangers: Wild Force, Episode 34
Forever Red

Eric: "My Q-Rex would eat his Dragonzord for lunch! Yeeahhh!!"

Surviving generals of the Machine Empire have been spotted on the moon digging up its most powerful Zord, the Serpentera. If they succeed, they would gain the power to destroy Earth several times over! With such an important mission at hand, a grand meeting has been announced which is to be attended by all the Red Rangers... and Eric. True, his Ranger color is red, but he is not a Red Ranger, per se, and is certainly the only sixth Ranger at the meeting. Nobody knows why exactly Eric is there. All we know is that he kicks ass, and looks good doing it! They fight their way up to the moon base and all transform, resulting in the most mind-boggling display of RED onscreen I have ever seen! At the very end, when all the Red Rangers are bragging about their achievements, Eric goes completely out of character and shines through as pure 100% DAN. I could be amused by that one clip for hours! *_*

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Episode 34 - Yaoi style

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