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NEWS   10/11/12     

The tiers (Transcendant/Immortals/Mortals) on the Top "10" Anime/Manga Guys list have been removed because they don't serve a purpose anymore. "cAIman" moves up to #4. Dokuga has been added to Best of the Best All-Stars, dropping Kurama. Actually, since Dokuga trumps Kurama in niceness, datability, and complexity, he's replaced Kurama pretty much everywhere. Sorry, Kurama. :S Ebisu added to the Top 10 Anime/Manga Girls list.

There's a lot of tension on the top "10" list between the ranking of Dokuga, Break, and Griffith right now. I love them all an extraordinary amount, but they all mean very different things to me - things too different to be coherently ranked. Plus, their meaningfulness revolves around the same issues illuminated from different angles: role of self, relationships to others, and how to best help the world. It would really be more accurate to think of them as tied for #0. But, depending on how their stories are resolved, I expect their numbers to fluctuate among themselves.

Essays "Animal Rights, Social Norms, and Perspective" and "Evolution and the Food Chain" added to Being Vegan.

The news for the month of May '12 has been moved to the Old News page and the countdown in Beliefs has been changed to Samhain.




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