Top 7 Anime/Manga Antagonists
1 Griffith GRIFFITH

Griffith-sama is on two lists! Go Griffith!! His transformation into Femto takes the award for creepiest moment in anime ever. I mean, take a relatively mundane world of medieval warfare and political intrigue, and have it bathed in the blood of innocents, littered with skulls and crawling with demon lords overnight! If you look up "worst case scenario" in the dictionary, there will be a picture of Griffith grinning and holding up his Behelit. It's times like these that the expression "the shit has hit the fan" was made for. Except not only has the shit hit the fan, but you're standing in front of said fan shrieking your head off like a little girl while it's splattering all over your face. Yeeea... Griffith is somethin' else...

Key line: "I sacrifice!"
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2 #2: Tetsuo SHIMA TETSUO

Tetsuo was given relatively little characterization in the Akira movie, but in the manga he really comes into his own. The first thing he does after realizing his power is take over the Clown biker gang and eat all their drugs. Later he actually gained some control over his power, cut his hair, and seemed like a lucid human being. He even showed off by punching a hole in the moon! But that could only last for so long before the inevitable happened. Poor Tetsuo's power went out of control, engulfing his girlfriend, his best friend, and most of Neo-Tokyo.

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3  Monou Fuuma MONOU FUUMA

Fuuma was once a nice guy. He loved his sister and cared about his friends. His turning to the dark side was quite the shock for everybody. The first thing he did was crucify his sister and stab her through the heart while Kamui watched nailed to a pole. No matter how you look at it, that's pretty damn evil. But that's not all! Fuuma has this lovely habit of getting up-close, personal, and gropey with everyone he tortures. I adore him as a villain. He's a true manipulative bastard who enjoys playing with people heads. Then he goes through this phase where he proclaims himself wishmaster and runs around granting everyone's desires. But, surrounded by fate-scarred, chronically depressed people as he is, those wishes are seldom pleasant.

Key line: "Kamui, I am your Twin Star."

4 Dakki DAKKI
(Houshin Engi)

This demonic temptress used her charms to seduce and mind control the Emperor of China to kill a lot of nice, pretty people.

6 Zaraki Kenpachi ZARAKI KENPACHI

Can pull off being both honorable and batshiat insane at the same time.

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Song I Associate With Him: "Superbeast" by Rob Zombie

5 Naraku NARAKU
(Inu Yasha)

The thing that wouldn't die.

7 Orochimaru OROCHIMARU

He's umm... he's just on here cause he's pretty. ~_~;;

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