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Song of Jida

I am your Doubts,
I am your Fears,
I am your Freedom from them.

In Facing them,
They Disappear,
And Truth shall shine forth from them.

For in your Doubts are your greatest Truths,
And in your Fears are your greatest Strengths,
And if you face the Shadow Self,
The Higher Self will lead the way!

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Lessons of Jida

Feel the warmth of the sun against your skin,
It is the touch of the Star Angels.
Reach down and feel the earth beneath your feet,
It is alive and is the body of a Planet Angel.
Look upon the face of the moon at night,
And you will see our mark.
You are always watched and always aided,
Remember that whenever you feel alone.

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Litany of Darkness

You are the deepest darkness,
The whisper of resounding silence,
And the insight of instantaneous thought.

You are the great cosmic mother,
The wellspring of all possibilities,
The bottomless abyss of the unknown,
The depths of the earth, the ocean, and outer space,
As well as the vast inner space of the soul,
Who gives birth to light from the blackness of her womb.

You are the rage of primeval quasars,
The tidal forces of a black hole,
The power bursting forth from the splitting of atoms,
Which humbles the proud, destroys worlds, and makes universes tremble.

You are the chaos that drives change and choice,
The nemesis of cosmic plans and divine authority,
The violence that tears asunder beings, stars, and galaxies with blissful abandon,
For it is ties of blood that bind us to each other,
It is pain that opens hearts to compassion,
And it is through mortality that the oneness of all may be known.

Eternally cutting, shredding, and disintegrating,
Blowing apart, smashing together, and reassembling,
The myriad forms we cling to lose their grip,
The boundaries between us fall away,
And the perpetual dance of consciousness within all things surfaces,
That we may revel in self-renewing destruction,
And know that we are immortal.

You are freedom without limits,
To dream and despair,
To love and be abused,
To hate and to heal,
To strive and to surrender,
To be fearful as well as brave,
To be vulnerable as well as strong,
To hurt others and be hurt ourselves,
And to experience all expressions of infinity,
From every perspective of its inexhaustible diversity,
For if any expression is denied then we are neither infinite nor free.

You are the ultimate destiny of all things,
The absolute death of all that has definition and form,
And the complete liberation of self,
For without embracing the entirety of existence,
In all of its beauty, horror, and absurdity,
We can never know peace.

While the light of the daytime sun blinds,
In the darkness of night the universe reveals its splendor.

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Road Less Traveled

Follow where your heart leads,
Follow what your dreams say,
Follow what your mind fears,
And you can never go wrong;

You may get lost along the way,
But you will always learn something new;

All paths start out paved,
We follow in the footsteps of those who came before,
But if we always stay on the path,
We will only learn what is already known;

All fear to stray off the familiarity of the path,
But those who explore uncharted territory will be rewarded,
Just as the well-trodden path was once unknown.

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Tides of Change

The old routine is wearing thin
Don't seek without but look within
Stop hanging tight, stop holding on
For all you grasp for will be gone
But there is hope, there is release
Within you a great Master sleeps
Is stirring to the tides of change
The turmoil merely labor pains
As the old world now falls apart
A new one will emerge
And anything not of it
You will now be made to purge
Remember as you close your eyes
You see with those within
And if you look around you'll find
Infinite peace therein
Mightier than the thunderstorm
More constant than the stars
And once you find it you will know
That it was never lost

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Faery Invocation

Lords and Ladies of the Sidhe,
All hail to you and blessed be!
I come in friendship and in peace,
To all ye of the Hollow Hills!
Of emerald glades and sylvan boughs,
And wild dancing in starlit groves!
Of bonfires reaching to the sky,
And revelries 'till dawn draws nigh!

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Twin Flame Reunion

They call me distant
They call me cold
Detached and missing out,
But what do they know
When what I hold on to is more real
Than all that they numb themselves with.
Nothing I see out there
Can begin to compare
To what I feel inside.
To the person I see in my dreams
And their laughing smile;
Anything else is hollow and dead.
Oh how I wish they would return
Revitalize my being in Phoenix Fire
And our two flames to burn as One.
So I could share the warmth that I could give
The warmth I yearn to give!
For what is more beautiful
Than the merging of souls with a single glance?
And what is more pure
Than basking in the radiance of a spirit open and free?
And what is more blissful
Than the healing embrace of wings of love?
But that which is my greatest wish doubles as greatest fear
Since what if what I long for is too perfect to be real;
Am I then doomed to freeze and never feel?
I would take that risk, for I would rather not feel at all
Than feel that I have betrayed my beloved for superficial pleasures,
And I would rather keep seeing their smiling face in my dreams
Than settle for an empty happiness...

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Annoyed Faeries Addressing Humanity

Do you really think God made all this for you?
How arrogant to think that such a silly thing is true!
The spider has its own life
And the ant its own thoughts too
The rock exists of its own right
The wind needs not your cue
Yet in the vastness of the Source all that you see is you?

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We Are the Ambassadors

We are the diplomats, the mediators, the ambassadors. We do not take sides but appreciate the harmony in all things. We live in love, are supported by love, are confident in love. We know that our hearts are open to the vastness of the universe and all the diversity to be found within it. We do not judge or separate ourselves from any other expression of life and hold all to be equal (and respect their free will). We bask in the comfort and nurturing that permeates our world, and we live in peace of mind and serenity, because we know that no matter what happens, everything will always be alright.

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Such is the Harmony of All Things

Remember where you come from, remember where we all come from...
* * *
May you be enveloped in the nurturing wings of angels and be reminded of the sacred heart from which all love flows...
* * *
May you find your timeless center and bask in its peace, untouched by the storm raging around you...
* * *
May the strength of the stars shine within you, may the cosmic waves support you...
* * *
Release your anxiety and let the natural flow of life carry you like a healing stream to where you are meant to be...
* * *
Don't fight the current and trust that the universe will inevitably bring you to where it needs you most...
* * *
Such is the harmony of all things...

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