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Well, this is my little page about my soulmate. Well, sort-of soulmate... it's complicated. I didn't exactly see, or meet, or know who he is in the flesh, but I do believe he's out there, and probably looking for me too. I know what his aura feels like, I can recognize him in my dreams, and I have an idea of what qualities he would have. The following is a very generic list of those qualities.

Now, I have many friends who fit the majority of these characteristics, yet I don't care about them in a romantic way or see them as my soulmate. Indeed, many people with any inclination to being spiritually aware fit the majority of these qualities. If I wanted to be specific, I would probably list hair color, eye color, clothing style, and so on. But I don't.

Basically, what I'm saying is that my recognition of the soulmate is not based solely on these qualities. It is an involved, holistic process of many signs coming together, many things clicking into place, many shared dreams and visions, and a chemistry of the spirit that nobody else can fake. Trust me, several have tried, only to be bitched out by me shortly afterwards. :P So, without further adieu, the list!


*~ Male ~*

*~ 5'5" to 5'10" ~*

*~ Slender but toned (not muscular) ~*

*~ Minimal body hair, no facial hair, long head hair ~*

*~ Possibly knows martial arts ~*

*~ Likes nature, outdoors, hiking ~*

*~ Likes animals, not hunting them ~*

*~ Sweet, gentle, fundamentally innocent... at the same time wild and intense, powerful aura ~*

*~ Easygoing yet distant with most people (doesn't let many close to him... picky) ~*

*~ Has healthy ego and self-image: doesn't feel the need to leech attention off others, doesn't need somebody to like him for him to like himself ~*

*~ Not interested in most females, not interested in sex for the sake of sex... knows he is looking for somebody very special who he would recognize and devote his whole world and life to (and expects her to do the same) ~*

*~ Bored by standard human activities like dinners, small talk, and drunken parties, but enjoys fun and extreme stuff to the fullest ~*

*~ Significant dream activity ~*

*~ Active imagination and inner world ~*

*~ Often imagines himself in other times, in other places... on other planets ~*

*~ Daydreams of himself as a hero or knight ~*

*~ Likes history and culture, but prefers hands-on experience than reading about them ~*

*~ Is open-minded, but not committed to any label, avoids definitions and formalities ~*

*~ Has had several supernatural experiences ~*

*~ Thinks occult/spiritual stuff is neat and interesting, but somehow doesn't make the connection between it and his own experiences, or find himself supernatural ~*

*~ Very organically-oriented and feels alienated by technology or computers... but can see the advantage and freedom in what they might allow him to do ~*

*~ Feels drawn to the Southwestern USA ~*

*~ Relates to and is fascinated by my world, beliefs, stories, identity ~*

*~ Feels he came to Earth with a purpose or mission, and possibly  has ideas of what that is ~*


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