Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 12
Worlds Apart

Eric: "You had the money, all the right friends, but you didn't know how to use them to your advantage. Well you might've been given all the breaks, but we'll see who ends up on top." 

This is the first Episode that Eric makes an appearance. He works for Wes' father, in a troupe of mercenaries known as the Silver Guardians who compete with the Time Force Rangers to protect the city. This is not the first time Wes and Eric meet each other, though. They knew each other from prep school and have always shared an ambiguously tense relationship. Eric was a restless loner out to prove his worth, and despite Wes' persistence to befriend him, remained stubbornly antisocial. Even upon their reunion, Eric refuses to shake Wes' hand. He had always resented the fact that Wes had everything handed to him on a silver platter and is satisfied thinking he is finally superior to him. But after learning that Wes is the leader of the Time Force Rangers, Eric's sense of rivalry is rekindled.

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