Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 13
The Quantum Quest

Eric: "Listen and learn, Brickneck! I'm not just any Ranger, not by a longshot! I am the Quantum Ranger!"

Eric didn't quite know how to one-up Wes after he learned he was the Red Ranger, but thankfully, the opportunity fell into his lap - literally. You see, a team of archaeologists had dug up the Quantum Morpher, and in the ensuing crossfire with the Time Force Rangers as Ransik's mutants tried to claim it, it was knocked aside and landed at Eric's feet. Eric had heard enough to realize this was no ordinary artifact and carried it off. It wouldn't work for him right away, however, so he hid it in an abandoned warehouse. The leader of the Silver Guardians was out of commission from the previous fight, but when Eric tried asking Wes' father for a promotion, he was shot down. He knew he needed something very special to win his boss' favor and decided to try the artifact again.

Meanwhile, Ransik's minions had been drawn to the abandoned warehouse by the Quantum Morpher's powerful emanations. Eric fought his way through a small army of robots to protect his precious treasure, and when it was activated by deflected gunfire, he ignored Wes' pathetic pleas to return it. He put it on and was transformed into the Quantum Ranger. He got accustomed to his new powers very quickly, and easily took out a mutant that was decimating four Time Force Rangers at once.

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