Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 14
Clash For Control (Part I)

Eric: "Once I get control of the Q-Rex, the sky's the limit!"

Even though Eric was now a Power Ranger, he still had no real firepower to match a Megazord. But a Quantum Megazord did exist. It was called the Quantasaurus Rex, and was the most powerful Megazord ever created by Time Force! It was also, however, lost in a freak time travel experiment. O.o; But that didn't stop Ransik from trying to find it, and he sent one of his mutants back in time to go look for it. When Eric saw a hole open in the sky, he instinctively knew that his Q-Rex would be on the other side and flew after it on his TF Eagle jet. Wes wasn't about to be left behind and jumped on the jet's wings.

Together they were transported back about 150 million years - to the time of the dinosaurs. One such dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex to be exact, gave Eric quite a scare! It was very, very cute to watch. >^_^< Eric eventually managed to dive between its gigantic legs and take refuge in a cave. But the T-Rex wouldn't give up and rammed the cave opening with his head. Even though he was far enough away, Eric was still panicking and tried to shoo it away by kicking his foot right into its gaping jaws... Kids, if you are ever launched back 150 million years, DO NOT DO THAT!!... just stay calm and take shelter deeper in the cave. ^_^;;

The T-Rex got bored and wandered off, and Eric went to explore the cave. He stumbled upon cave paintings of the Q-rex... which was odd, since humans weren't around yet, but oh well. It let him know he was in the right place! He didn't get to his pet in time, though, and Ransik's mutant stuck a chip onto the Q-Rex that would make it obey only him. A time hole opened once again, and the Q-Rex was sent back to the future where it was commanded to destroy the city. Eric and Wes followed...

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