Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 15
Clash For Control (Part II)

Eric: "It really burns you inside that I have as much power as you do, doesn't it, Collins?"

The Quantasaurus Rex is running amok in the city and Eric can do nothing about it because his voice activation was blocked by a mutant device. It is temporarily repelled by the Time Force Ranger's Megazords, but the downtime isn't very long. Eric takes this opportunity to ask Wes' father for leadership of the Silver Guardians once again, but is told that he would rather have a Ranger with a Megazord take command. This makes Eric even more determined to claim his Q-Rex.

Meanwhile, Wes asks to talk to Eric alone. The discussion turns ugly when Wes insists on Eric handing over the Quantum Morpher, but the battle is interrupted by Quantasaurus Rex' return. The Time Force Rangers try fighting it again with their Megazords but the Q-Rex is just too strong. Eric takes it upon himself to distract the Q-Rex and have it come after him instead. He quickly isolates the device that is blocking his voice and blasts it off.

Eric stands his ground and boldly shouts commands at the fearsome Megazord, which comes to a halt barely inches away from swallowing him whole... because he's just that hardcore!! With the Quantasaurus as his loyal pet, Eric takes command of the Silver Guardians.

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