Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 16
Bodyguard In Blue

Eric: "The Guardians and I saved him single-handedly, just in time." 

Now that Eric is the Quantum Ranger and flowering into his full potential thanks to his control of the Quantasaurus Rex, Wes' father uses him as guinea pig in research to harness his amazing powers. But when the leading scientist of his laboratory, Bio-Lab, is kidnapped by mutants, Eric and the Silver Guardians are sent to find him.

Given the circumstances, one would think this would be a more Eric-centered episode, but it isn't. It is very Lucas and his relationship with the lead scientist's young daughter (who will be legal one day!!). Eric does appear from time to time tho, sporting his new red baret (damn that red baret!!) and taking all the credit, so it's not a complete loss. 

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Episode 16 - Yaoi style

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