Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 29
Fight Against Fate

ERIC: "Excuse me, gentlemen, but maybe what we can do is-"
CORPORATE: "Thank you, but this is a corporate matter. It doesn't concern you."
ERIC: "I see... *glare*"
Alex ousts Wes from the Time Force team and takes command, telling him to go take his rightful place as head of Bio-Lab because his father will die the next day. With Wes' father in a coma, Eric's influence in Bio-Lab diminishes. Mr. Collins' jealous partners want to put Eric back in his place and elect Wes as the company's temporary head instead. Wes anxiously awaits the fate of his father. He is miserable sitting in a suit at meetings and can't help worrying about his friends who are out fighting Megazords. The Time Force Rangers aren't doing too well either. Alex is an ass and a horrible leader, and everyone wants Wes back.

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Episode 29 - Yaoi style

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