Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 30
Destiny Defeated

Eric: "Wes! What do you think you're doing to the Q-Rex?!"

Alex is doing such a catastrophic job at being the Time Force leader (and generally being an asshole) that Wes is reinstated as Red Ranger. Meanwhile, Eric can't deal with Wes becoming head of Bio-Lab and decides to leave. But when he sees the Time Force Rangers battling a robotic Megazord from the window of his taxi, he jumps out to help them. Wes' Megazord mounts Eric's Q-Rex and together they take out the latest threat to the city.

After seeing what a great Red Ranger Wes is, Alex decides that perhaps Wes is better suited to that role than being head of Bio-Lab. He comes to Mr. Collins on his deathbed and heals him with futuristic technology. When Wes and his father reunite, Wes finds that he is a changed man who wishes him to follow his heart and stay with the Rangers.

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Episode 30 - Yaoi style

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