Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 38
End of Time, Part I

Eric: "Until you have a better solution, there's only one hope of stopping that thing!"

Time holes are opening up in the sky threatening to swallow up the whole city. Alex orders Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie to return to the future immediately or be doomed, but they refuse and stay with Wes.

Meanwhile, Nadira has her own change of heart. After being forced to help deliver a human baby, she falls in love with it and no longer understands why her father Ransik would want to destroy something so beautiful. She comes to Frax, who is now Ransik's prisoner, and apologizes for what her father has done to him, and as he is being dragged away to be reprogrammed, Frax tells her that she can break the cycle of hatred that blinds Ransik. When she tries to approach Frax late to learn more about humanity, he has already been changed into a mindless machine.

Ransik uses Doomtron, Frax's ultimate robotic creation, to attack the city. Even though the Time Force Rangers are at the scene, they can't do anything because no Megazords can be sent while the time holes are open. Eric takes it upon himself to stop Doomtron with his Quantasaurus, but the Rangers are informed that it would only make things worse. Both Doomtron and the Q-Rex are powered by the Triserium crystals, and their proximity to each other is causing the time holes to open faster.

Eric won't hear any of it. As far as he's concerned, the Q-Rex is the only chance the city has. He mounts its head and attacks full force! With everything falling apart before his eyes, Wes won't stand by and watch his friends die. He tricks them into coming back to the ship, puts it on auto-pilot, and sends them on a one-way trip to their own time.

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