Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 39
End of Time, Part II

Eric: "It doesn't matter how bad it is, does it? I still have to fight."

Wow, anything that's anything happens to Eric in this episode! First of all, the whole riding on Quantasaurus' head... didn't really work the way Eric planned. Doomtron released a mammoth blast throughout the Q-Rex that knocked him right off and buried him in debris. After he barely dug himself out, he was attacked by Ransik's robots and got his ass kicked because he was injured. Wes jumped in to rescue him, however, and helped carry him to safety.

Wes and Eric had a long talk to resolve their differences, and decided to take refuge in the Clock Tower. They were followed, however, and it did not take long for Ransik's robots to storm the building. Eric, still wounded, got owned once again, but Wes was close by to help. They tied themselves to a rope and used a counterweight to propel themselves out of the tower.

Meanwhile, Wes' dad was scouring the abandoned city streets for his son, and found a band of robots instead. Out of nowhere, Wes and Eric leapt into action and destroyed them... or so they thought. As Wes and Mr. Collins embraced in a long overdue hug, one of the robots stirred and aimed to shoot. Eric was the only one alert enough to notice. Even though he was out of his protective Ranger armor, he jumped in front of his friends and caught the full brunt of the blast.

This essentially took Eric out of the upcoming fights, but he passed his Quantum morpher to Wes in the hope that it would help him deactivate the Triserium crystals. Armed with the two morphers Wes charges Ransik's armies with suicidal glee. Little does he know that help is on the way, for the other Time Force Rangers are a stubborn bunch and have found a way to return to the past!

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