Power Rangers: Time Force, Episode 40
End of Time, Part III

Eric: "....."

The Time Force Rangers come to Wes' rescue and together they finally defeat Ransik..... just kidding, Ransik totally owns them. It's only when one of his blasts accidentally hits Nadira that he stops his destructive rampage. Nadira was trying to protect a little human baby she stole out of a stroller on the street, and when Ransik's realizes that his blind rage nearly killed the only person he truly loved, he turned himself in.

Yeah, yeah... Eric is barely in this episode. He doesn't even have any lines! He appears at the end when Wes is saying his good byes to the Time Force Rangers who must return with Ransik to the future. Mr. Collins offers Wes leadership of the Silver Guardians... and he accepts! But only if Eric could be his partner. And so it was!

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Episode 40 - Yaoi style

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