Power Rangers: Wild Force, Episode 24
Reinforcements from the Future, Part I

Eric: "Mutants, Orgs... They're going down just the same!"

I was almost afraid that Eric had been demoted to traffic cop because the episode opens with him giving Taylor, Wild Force's Yellow Ranger, a speeding ticket. But then he returned to the Silver Guardians van and there was Wes in the red leader cap, and I knew all was well. They get called in to stop a group of monsters that were attacking the city, but this not being their season of Power Rangers, they fail to do so and get rescued by Wild Force.

Wes and Eric have assumed that the monsters they were fighting were mutants, but Wild Force informs them that they are in fact orgs. They are both wrong. These are neither and both - mutorgs! A super powerful hybrid that will take both Time Force and Wild Force working together to defeat. But that's not all... they also enlist the help of Ransik and Nadira, both of whom are friendly now.

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Episode 24 - Yaoi style

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