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Aries Cloth Saints of Aries
The Aries Saints are wise, rational, and calm. They can use their brains to turn virtually any situation in their favor. Although they can appear emotionless - which serves them well when they need to hide their true intentions - they actually have extraordinary insight into the minds of others, and make very considerate friends. Mu is the Aries Saint in the original Saint Seiya, while Shion is the Aries Saint of the 18th century in both Lost Canvas and Next Dimension.

Aries Mu
Mu is a very calm, soft-spoken person with
a quiet wisdom about him few would dare question.
Despite his slender frame and gentle features, his aura
exudes undeniable power. He is renowned as the greatest
living psychic among the Saints, unmatched in such fields as
teleportation, telekinesis, and telepathy. But Mu is perhaps most
famous for his ability to heal broken Saint armors, which is a very
useful skill to have considering how much abuse they go through.
When Mu suspected that Pope Shion, his Master, was killed, he left
Sanctuary to live in the fabled land of Jamir, where he trained a
student named Kiki. He only returned after the true Athena came to
reclaim power from the false Pope, and helped her Saints in their
quest. Then the Holy War started and everything went to Hell.
Mu stood firm in defense of the Aries temple against 6 Gold
Saints who rose from the grave, including his own Master,
Shion, who would've killed him if Libra Dohko hadn't
intervened. Mu then raced to protect the rest of
the temples. His keen sense of strategy
served him well in battles to come.

Aries Shion
  Shion was trained in Sanctuary, along
  with Libra Dohko, as a Bronze Saint. Shortly
 after his upgrade to Gold, he had the chance to
  kill the boy who would become Hades' new vessel
  and prevent the 18th century Holy War. But this was
  not to be. Only him and Dohko survived that blood
  bath, after which Shion was promoted to Pope. Shion
  lead Sanctuary for over 200 years, and trained Mu to be
  his successor as the Aries Saint, but he grew weaker with age
  and was eventually assassinated by the resentful Gemini Saga.
  This, however, was not the end of his career as Pope. At the
  beginning of the new Holy War, Shion, along with several
  other dead Saints, were resurrected by Hades and sent
   on a mission to kill Athena. It was heartbreaking for
  all involved to fight against their dear friends, but
  the mission had to be fulfilled. Not for Hades'
  sake, but to use the goddess' blood to revive her
  sacred armor, without which battling Hades
  would have been futile. And that's
  how Shion tricked Hades.

Aries Techniques
Heal Armor Heal Armor*
Although Saint armor can regenerate itself over time, if the damage is too great, it may need some hands-on help. Both Shion and Mu are experts at healing armor. "Fixing" isn't the right word, since the armor is alive and requires large amounts of Cosmo-charged blood to be restored back to health. A combination of the Gammanium, Orichalcum, and Star Dust Sand - the very elements present in the forging of the cloth - is used in the healing process.
Psychokinesis Psychokinesis
Mu is a renowned master of Phychokinesis, and frequently moves objects with his mind, be it people or huge stone towers. He is also able to pull people out of other dimensions.
Teleportation Teleportation
Mu is also an avid teleporter, and does not hesitate to use this ability to evade attacks.
Crystal Wall Crystal Wall
This is a useful Aries defensive technique, cast by spreading his arms out to the side. It creates a transparent wall with an iridescent sheen that is neigh unbreakable, and even reflects attacks launched at it back to the aggressor.
Crystal Net Crystal Net
Aries weaves this net by moving around his opponent. When completed, it appears as a crystalline web that restricts the enemy's movement.
Minor Starlight Extinction Minor Starlight Extinction*
Although the full power of Starlight Extinction requires both hands, Aries is able to shoot off minor blasts with a single hand.
Starlight Extinction Starlight Extinction
This is a teleportation-based technique used to make its target disappear either to another place, to the world of the dead, or out of existence entirely. In Episode G, it was even used to dissipate the dimensional gaps created by Iapetus. It is unclear whether Shion is able to use this ability, so it may be something invented by Mu.
Stardust Revolution Stardust Revolution
This is the ultimate attack of Aries. It creates a universe using Cosmo and then summons from it meteorites and other debris to relentlessly bombard the opponent into oblivion.
Group Techniques
Athena Exclamation (Light) Athena Exclamation
The honor code of the Saints dictates that all battles must be one on one, but Athena Exclamation can only be performed by three Saints. It has the force of the Big Bang, and is so overpowered that Athena herself had it banned. However, Saints have been known to use it under extreme circumstances.
Athena Exclamation (Dark)
Supernova Sunlight*
The Zodiac constellations have long bathed in the light of the Sun, and the Gold armors that represent them have absorbed an infinite amount of sunlight. To perform this incredible blast of energy, all the Gold Saints focus their Cosmo into the tip of Sagittarius' arrow, thereby fusing their powers as one.
This attack was used to break through the Wailing Wall by bringing the full intensity of a star into the darkest depths of Hell. Although it is said that Athena Exclamation has the force of the Big Bang, Supernova is undoubtedly more powerful, since it utilizes the combined strength of twelve Gold Saints instead of three. It instantly disintegrates everything in its vicinity, including those who cast it, and sends waves of devastation rippling outwards. 
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Knights of the Zodiac

*This technique does not, as far as I know, have an official name. I just gave it a descriptive name.

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