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Saints of Capricorn
Long ago, in the Mythological Era, it is said that Athena gave the sacred sword Excalibur to her most loyal Saint. This was the Saint of Capricorn, and all future Capricorns would carry this spirit sword inside their body, tempered by the strength of their own heart. Shura is the Capricorn Saint of modern times in the original Saint Seiya, El Cid is the Capricorn Saint of the 18th century in Lost Canvas, and Izou is the Capricorn Saint of the 18th century in Next Dimension.
Capricorn Cloth

Capricorn Shura
Shura had always been proud of his title as
  Athena's most loyal Saint, so when the
  Pope asked him to go take care of the
traitor Sagittarius Aiolos, who tried to
kill the infant Athena, he was very happy
  to oblige. Or so says the anime. According to
  the original manga, Shura knew all along that
  Gemini Saga had murdered the Pope, but decided
to follow him anyway since he thought Saga could
  do some good with that power. Either way, the
end result was the same. Shura tracked down
and mortally wounded Aiolos. And so things
grew quiet in Sanctuary until five impudent
  Bronze Saints arrived and tried to fight their
way through the 12 Zodiac temples. Shura's
  opponent was Draco Shiryuu, who proved to
  be quite the handful when he flew Shura
  past the Earth's atmosphere. This suicidal
move made Shura admire Shiryuu and
renew his loyalty to Athena.

Capricorn El Cid
Shortly after his arrival in Hades' Forest, El
Cid was greeted by three of the four dream gods:
Phantasos, Icelos, and Oneiros. Without batting an eye,
he unleashed his signature Excalibur attack on them, which
Icelos deflected back to sever El Cid's hand. But lack of limbs
or massive bloodloss isn't enough to stop a Gold Saint of Athena.
El Cid had an important mission, to free Sagittarius Sisyphus from
the Dream World, and he would do it no matter the cost to himself.
He tracked the gods down, forced his way through the Dream World
barrier, and immediately began to hunt them one by one. First up was
Phantasos, who El Cid easily felled by the element of surprise. Next
was Icelos, who El Cid tricked into revealing his location before
cutting him down. Then Tenma took out Morpheus, and joined
forces with El Cid against Oneiros, who had by now absorbed
the souls of his three brothers. Meanwhile Sisyphus
was freed by Athena, and shot a divinely charged
arrow from afar, which El Cid quartered in  
mid-flight to pierce all four of Oneiros'  
souls before succumbing to death.

Capricorn Izo Capricorn Izou
Izou seems to be the most easy-going and talkative of the Capricorn Saints, although that's not saying much. He first appears when he intervenes in Taurus Ox's disciplining of Aries Shion, Libra Dohko, and Pegasus Tenma. Ox just wanted to scare them a bit, but Izou steps in and performs Excalibur, severing the ground on which they stood and plunging them off the face of a cliff. All in good fun, no doubt. Izou is Japanese, so unlike Shura and El Cid, the Cosmo sword Excalibur he wields appears as a katana instead of a European-style sword. Izou is also present at the arrival of Athena in the 18th century.
Capricorn Techniques
Jumping Stone Jumping Stone
Capricorn can counter an attack by hooking his legs under the opponent and throws them overhead with the same force that the enemy aimed at him. Here, Shura catapults Shiryu during their first meeting.
Excalibur I Seiken Excalibur I
(Sacred Sword Excalibur)

All Capricorns retain the sword Athena gave to the legendary Capricorn Saint back in mythological times. It shoots out from the swing of his right arm as a very fast attack that cuts through virtually anything.
Excalibur II Excalibur II
Instead of a single slash, Capricorn sends multiple slashes at once, creating a whole grid of death which makes it impossible to dodge.
Double Excalibur Double Excalibur
Capricorn is able to dual wield the Excalibur attack by generating it from his left arm as well as the right.
Caliburn Caliburn
Even if the legendary sword Excalibur is somehow broken, Capricorn is able to focus his killing intent into a sword made of pure, concentrated Cosmo.
Group Techniques
Athena Exclamation (Light) Athena Exclamation
The honor code of the Saints dictates that all battles must be one on one, but Athena Exclamation can only be performed by three Saints. It has the force of the Big Bang, and is so overpowered that Athena herself had it banned. However, Saints have been known to use it under extreme circumstances.
Athena Exclamation (Dark)
Supernova Sunlight*
The Zodiac constellations have long bathed in the light of the Sun, and the Gold armors that represent them have absorbed an infinite amount of sunlight. To perform this incredible blast of energy, all the Gold Saints focus their Cosmo into the tip of Sagittarius' arrow, thereby fusing their powers as one.
This attack was used to break through the Wailing Wall by bringing the full intensity of a star into the darkest depths of Hell. Although it is said that Athena Exclamation has the force of the Big Bang, Supernova is undoubtedly more powerful, since it utilizes the combined strength of twelve Gold Saints instead of three. It instantly disintegrates everything in its vicinity, including those who cast it, and sends waves of devastation rippling outwards. 
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Knights of the Zodiac

*This technique does not, as far as I know, have an official name. I just gave it a descriptive name.

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