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Cancer Cloth Saints of Cancer
To face the Cancer Saints is to walk the thin line between life and death. They are terrifying opponents indeed, for their power is wielded directly over the soul. Deathmask is the Cancer Saint of modern times in the original Saint Seiya, Manigoldo is the Cancer Saint of the 18th century in Lost Canvas, then Sage and Hakurei are the Cancer Saints of the 16th century in Lost Canvas.

Cancer Deathmask
Deathmask probably gets his name from the
countless tortured faces decorating his temple. Be
they warriors or civilians - men, women, or children - he
kills any who stand in his way and adds them to his ghastly
collection. Their cries of agony are a testament to his strength.
Yes, Deathmask is a creepy, creepy guy! He
doesn't believe in a moral reality of justice,
or even in morality itself. Throughout history it  
is the victors who determine what's right and wrong. The  
only absolute is power, and Deathmask seeks to amass as  
much of it as possible. He is a ruthless and sadistic fighter  
who loves to play with his victims. When he was fighting  
Dragon Shiryuu, he even pushed his girlfriend off a  
cliff from many miles away. But he picked the
wrong person to mess with this time. Shiryuu
went berserk and backed Deathmask into  
a corner. Faced with a Saint that so  
admirably embodied the ideals of love  
and justice, his Cancer armor rejected
him and left him exposed.


Cancer Manigoldo
Manigoldo grew up surrounded by death, with
lost spirits as his only friends. It was hard for him
  to see value in human life, fleeting and fragile as it
was, so when Pope Sage found him huddled in the ruins
ruins of a village, the first thing he did was lash out at
  the elder with a knife. But Sage saw great potential in this
  boy, and adopted him as his only student. Manigoldo was taken
to Sanctuary, where he was trained as a Saint and earned
the right to wear his Master's Gold Cancer armor.
The endless death that haunted him as a child left him with a grudge
against the god of death, Thanatos, and when the Holy War gave
him the opportunity to face him he took it. He stormed the god's
private castle and challenged Thanatos, but Sage arrived with
Athena's blood seals and saved his arrogant pupil. Manigoldo
decided this was the time to repay Sage for giving his life
meaning. He protected his Master with everything he
had, and was happy to get a good punch in on
 Thanatos before taking the god's current
body with him into oblivion.

Cancer Sage
Sage fought in the 16th century Holy War
alongside his brother Hakurei. They had to watch
most of their friends die, and although both him and his
brother survived, Sage never quite got over how powerless
he felt against the might of the gods. Sage became Pope after
the war, and watched over Sanctuary for 200 years. He took in
the orphan Manigoldo and trained him to be his successor as Cancer
Saint. He even stopped an attempted coup by Gemini Aspros. But his
greatest challenge came when he had to face a god once again.
He followed the Cosmo of the death god, Thanatos, and interfered
before he could destroy Manigoldo. But when protective blood seals
of Athena ran out, both Master and Student were left exposed to
the god's power. Manigoldo sacrificed himself to give Sage an
advantage over Thanatos, and Sage once again felt the utter
despair at being unable to save a loved one, but this time
he was one step ahead of the gods. He used the Altar
armor of Hakurei, which him and his brother had
been strengthening for over 200 years,
to seal away the god of death.

Cancer Hakurei
Hakurei is technically the Silver Saint of the
  Altar (Ara) constellation, but that's only because
  he gave his Gold Cancer armor to his brother Sage. He
  also abdicated his claim to the Papacy to Sage, and went
  to live in the mountains of Jamir. There he trained his four
  disciples: Shion, Yuzuriha, Tokusa, and Alta. It is only when
  he felt that Sagittarius Sisyphus went missing that Hakurei,
  the Elder of Jamir, returned to Sanctuary, and together with
  his brother decided that it was time to deal with the twin gods
  Thanatos and Hypnos. After Sage gave his life to seal away
  Thanatos, Hakurei quietly took over his role as Pope, but
  Athena's Saints could do little so long as the barrier
  over Hades' castle remained. Hakurei, armed with
  a sacred sword, went to dismantle this barrier
  and was met by Hypnos, the god of sleep. It
  was then that Hakurei invoked his power
  as a Cancer Saint, summoning the souls
  of his fallen comrades from the last
Holy War to overwhelm Hypnos
and seal him away as well.

Cancer Techniques
Balls of Light Balls of Light*
Cancer glows with a golden aura and lets loose a barrage of lightning-fast attacks. They appear as balls of light, but have the effect of strong hits. Deathmask used this move in the anime while moving at the speed of light, so they may be punches delivered at the speed of light. He could even do this while running in circles around Shiryuu.
Psychokinesis Psychokinesis
Cancer is capable of both short-range and long-range psychokinesis, which Deathmask uses to levitate himself, push Shiryuu into walls, and even throw his girlfriend off a cliff hundreds of miles away.
Sekishiki Sekishiki Meikai Ha
(Praesepe Underworld Waves)

Praesepe, or the Beehive Cluster, is an open cluster in the constellation of Cancer. In China this cluster is known as "Tseih She Ke," literally translating as "Breath of the Dead" (the stench of corpses), and is associated with the underworld. "Sekishiki" is the Japanese name for it, and so Cancer's ability is to separate his opponent's soul from their body and send it to Yomotsu Hirasaka, the gateway to the underworld in Japanese mythology.

Those sent to Yomotsu Hirasaka by Cancer find themselves drained of nearly all strength and can't return to the world of the living without divine help. Cancer, on the other hand, can travel freely to and from this doorstep of death and suffers no ill effects in the transition. He likes fighting on those terms. But not even Cancer can come back once the threshold of Yomotsu Hirasaka is crossed. The only path past its dreaded caldera leads to the underworld.
SekishikiKiousen Sekishiki Kiousen
(Praesepe Demonic Blue Flames)

Manigoldo summons the Ignis Fatuus, blue flames that burn by feeding on others' souls, and sends them to incinerate the soul of his opponent. Whether they are embodied or not, immortal or not, they can not escape the power of
the soul-devouring fire.
Sekishiki Konsou Ha Sekishiki Konsou Ha
(Praesepe Soul Burial Waves)

This technique takes advantage of any spirits nearby and makes their souls explode. The magnitude of the explosion is proportional to the strength of the spirits themselves. Manigoldo uses this to counter Thanatos' Tartarus Phobia.
Praesepe Celestial Waves Sekishiki Tenryou Ha
(Praesepe Celestial Waves)

Hakurei used the Meikai Ha (Underworld Waves) to summon the souls of Saints from the 16th century Holy War, and even added his own, in order to seal the god Hypnos.
Glowing Spheres Glowing Spheres*
In his fight against Naru Veronica, Manigoldo locked her flies in these bubbles and then crushed them with a snap of his fingers, destroying the insects inside. It may be a lesser version of Sekishiki Kiousen.
Acubens Acubens
Named after a star in the southern claw of the Cancer constellation, this is Manigoldo's melee attack, in which he imitates a crab's pincers by using both legs to cut his opponent in half.
Group Techniques
Supernova Sunlight*
The Zodiac constellations have long bathed in the light of the Sun, and the Gold armors that represent them have absorbed an infinite amount of sunlight. To perform this incredible blast of energy, all the Gold Saints focus their Cosmo into the tip of Sagittarius' arrow, thereby fusing their powers as one.
This attack was used to break through the Wailing Wall by bringing the full intensity of a star into the darkest depths of Hell. Although it is said that Athena Exclamation has the force of the Big Bang, Supernova is undoubtedly more powerful, since it utilizes the combined strength of twelve Gold Saints instead of three. It instantly disintegrates everything in its vicinity, including those who cast it, and sends waves of devastation rippling outwards. 
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Knights of the Zodiac

*This technique does not, as far as I know, have an official name. I just gave it a descriptive name.

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